Heather O’Connell


Heather is a Shamanic Practitioner who resides on the Mendocino Coast.  She has been facilitating workshops, healing sessions and readings for almost 10 yrs. Her formal training includes apprenticeships in Core Shamanism & Herbalism. Heather has been an apprentice of Nature since she was a child, as such she relies on her relationship with Spirit, the Animals, Plants, Trees and Elements to guide her in her personal growth and in her practice of working with others. Her guides & allies are her best friends and greatest teachers. She learns things experientially and brings this to her practice in facilitating and working with others to meet their intentions and goals. She is passionate about working in partnership with Spirit to facilitate opportunities for others to explore & experience shamanic practices.

2016 Session 2

1.  INTENSIVE: Working in Partnership with Plant Spirits for Guidance & Healing   all levels
2. Being in Shamanic Relationship with Cannabis    all levels

2015 Session 3

INTENSIVE: Being in Shamanic Relationship
Tree Spirit Medicine

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Heather O'Connell

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