Kelly McRree

Kelly has been an educator for the past 18 years. This year her focus has been on teaching yin and kids yoga, offering therapeutic private yin sessions, and teaching swimming confidence. She also facilitates grief rituals and plays the handpan. She is currently writing a book about surviving her partner’s suicide using community therapy and running a small hostel called the Crossroads just south of Mt. Shasta, CA. This year Kelly is organizing the altar team for NCWHS.

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2017 Session 1

  1. Sugar as an Addictive Substance

2016 Session 2

1. Breast Casting for Peace
2. Reclaiming Your Rites of Passage
3. Sacred Experiences for our Sacred Lives

Young Women: Young Womyns’ Empowerment Circle for young women who have begun their moon time

2013 Session 2

  1. Reclaiming Your Initiation into Womynhood/Motherhood
  2. Young Womyns' Empowerment Circle
  3. Fairy-Tale Creatures
  4. Mid-Kids Playshop