Kelly McRree


Kelly’s daily work is nurturing and sustaining life. She focuses on self-love, healthy local food, the power of positive thinking and deep forgiveness, gratitude & reverence, and maintaining balance. She has been working in alternative K-12 charter school education in Mt. Shasta for the past 13 years. Her passions include swimming, scuba diving, empowering young womyn, singing and drumming, dancing, designing costumes, partner yoga, herbal medicine, cultural immersion in Central America, leaving the places she's been better than when she arrived, and hot rock therapy after river swimming! Some of her life missions are to inspire gratitude and spread love to the people she comes into contact with, to encourage people to dance and release their inhibitions around self-expression, prayer through dance, exploration of mind-body-spirit connections, being the best parent she can be, living with a high standard of integrity and rawness, reminding people to keep their child heart alive through sacred silliness, inspiring kids to trust their hearts and live their dreams, and to be a reminder of the sacred and holding nature in reverence.

2017 Session 1

  1. Sugar as an Addictive Substance

2016 Session 2

1. Breast Casting for Peace
2. Reclaiming Your Rites of Passage
3. Sacred Experiences for our Sacred Lives

Young Women: Young Womyns’ Empowerment Circle for young women who have begun their moon time

2013 Session 2

  1. Reclaiming Your Initiation into Womynhood/Motherhood
  2. Young Womyns' Empowerment Circle
  3. Fairy-Tale Creatures
  4. Mid-Kids Playshop