Maya Karasso

Maya is a Mother, Spiritual Teacher, Sacred dancer, gardener, Healer and active participant on the path of awakening. 

Maya is the founder and the creator of 
BellySecretsTM—keys to unfold and awaken the divine. For the last 12 years, she dedicated her vast knowledge, experience, wisdom, and creativity to empower women all around the world, to dance, heal, and transform.

Maya believes that the time is now for all to rise, unfold, awaken and shine with divine light.  Maya has been trained as a practitioner in: Medicinal Herbs of the "RAMBAM," Cranio Sacral Therapy, DNA 2 / Orion Healing Technique, Khalsa Way Pre-natal Teaching, Reiki 2, CCH- Completion & Correction Healing, Oriental improvisational movement, Native American Animal medicine, and Sacred Dance.