Xochi Quetzalli

Xochi has been working in ceremony and walking the red road for the past 10 years. Her ancestors called her back home, after traveling in Europe and Asia for 4 years. Ever since her return, she has immersed herself in ceremony and working with the elders. She works with the Mexica and Mayan Culture and as well as the Lakota. She was initiated into an ancient form of healing and divination in Guatemala by her nanas and now carry’s the fire back home to share with her people.  Xochi has always worked with plants and in her traditions of the south, will share teachings of plant spirit medicine and the folk medicine of Curanderismo.

She now lives in Eureka, CA and at her yurt studio has been creating a space for native American ceremony, art, and classes. She holds monthly womens full moon ceremonies, sweats, Mayan Divination, Limpias, and Fire Ceremonies, Nahual medicine healings, Spirit Medicine Art Series, 9 Moons Birth Classes, and starting soon a 13 moons Girls Initiation Series.

For more information and checking out scheduled events, see www.xochiketzalli.com

2018 Session 1

  1. Curanderismo and Making Agua Florida and Limpia Bundles
  2. & 3. Mayan Fire Ceremony in 2 parts