My name is Black Cat. I am a self-taught witch, studying and learning from other witches in my community. Teachers I have resonated with include Starhawk and Betty Friedan. I have served as doula in my community for twelve years. I have also sung in the Threshold Choir with people who are about to cross over. I have the honor to raise two strong and powerful daughters. I am a crone who walks the earth, being of service to others in small ways, such as gazing into the eyes of others. I am a steward of the earth.

2018 Session 3

  1. Who are the Crones and What Does It Mean to be One?
  2. Crones and the Force of Nature: the Directions
  3. Crones Manifesting Their Power: Wands — Parts One and Two
  4. The Gifts Crones Have to Offer