Community herbalist, pilgrim-adventurer and grandmother who calls the Pacific northwest corner of the USA home. A woman in love with plants and earth, she is the founder of RavenCroft Garden in Monroe, WA, home of the first community centered herbal apprenticeship in America, Healing From the Ground Up.

EagleSong cultivates heart and soul in the wise woman tradition through teaching, apprenticeships at RavenCroft Garden and as director of Pacific Wise Women.

A daily practice of natural health, simple living and herbal medicine grounds her herbal apprenticeships for those interested in the rigorous journey of being human. Weekend summer camps in slow gardens, slow medicine and slow food are offered for those interested in garnering experiential learning through natural living in an age of blinding light.

Pacific Wise Women events include an annual Spring Fling Herbal Infusion and the fall Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference in Washington state.

For more information brew a cup of healing herbal infusion and come on over for a visit: eaglesong-gardener.com and herbwisewomen.com

2021 Virtual Session 1

  1. Cooling Fire: Meeting Inflammation Head-on with 3-Remarkable Trees   all levels Expand
  2. Hawthorn: A Generative Genus  all levels Expand
  3. Hands-On Hawthorn Medicine Making  all levels Expand
  4. Cultivating Medicine of Place   all levels Expand

2016 Session 1

  1. Tracking Hawthorn: A Reluctant Pilgrim’s Quest
  2. Hawthorn Recipes and Remedies:
    Preparation and Use through Time and Place
  3. Deep in the Green: Journeying with Whitethorn