Nancy landed on the Lost Coast in 1967, where she homesteaded, building a house & farm & raised 2 daughters. She began studying health at that time, encompassing herbs, nutrition and other modalities. At the age of 50, after teaching school for many years, she went back to school herself, to attend Bauman College's 2 year Holistic Nutrition Consultant program. After that, she completed a two-year Traditional Naturopath program with California College of Natural Medicine. Nancy enjoys being a Jill-of-all-trades. She led wilderness trips with her pack llamas for 10 years, became an EMT in 1980, and took on the development of her community's fire department. In 1995, Nancy hung out her shingle in Garberville and began seeing clients for health consultations. Her particular focus is on finding the underlying causative factors in heath conditions, so her class offering reflect this approach.

2018 Session 1

  1. What the #$%* is Methylation?

  2. Tummy Troubles: Beyond Dysbiosis

  3. Keeping Our Marbles

2013 Session 1

  1. Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Healing the Gut (and Everything Else) from the Ground Up
  2. Histamine Intolerance: When Your Symptoms Baffle You
  3. Lyme Disease: The New Great Imitator

2009 Session 2

  1. Keep Your Marbles: Tools-to-Use for Avoiding Senior Moments & More all levels
  2. Straight From the Heart: Tools-to-Use for Avoiding Heart Attack, Stroke & More all levels
  3. Blessing Our Breasts: Tools-to-Use for Lifelong Healthy Breasts all levels

2006 Session 1

  1. Autoimmune
  2. Total Load
  3. Neurotransmitters

2004 Session 1

  1. A G.I. Journey: Plant Allies in G.I. Health
  2. Herbs as Foods and Foods as Herbs
  3. Healthy Breasts: Foods and Technology