I have fixed the site to read: womensherbalsymposium.com, took out the wordpress in the url.

I think the opening page with the TP circle should remain the welcome page. It can lead to either, a general info page as it is now (if you want to share the content of the existing welcome page) or go to a page with 2 entrances, one for spring and one for fall. I think we should take it in steps so you are not burdened with creating copy for pages like the general info unless you want to.) So for the first stage I recommend jumping off from that page.

I would like to move the site from headway to the beaver builder theme. Headway went defunct and allthough it the site still works fine, I cannot guarantee what it might do in the future.

We already use the beaver builder plugin and the BB theme is a much better platform than Headway and lends itself well to some updating in our overall look. There will be an investment and I think it is the perfect time for a facelift. Consider the alternative, creating 2 new designs and what to do with the archival "very important" info. 

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