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Cho’Qosh Auh’ho’oh

  1. The Ancient Tsalagi Dance of Life: A Moving Meditation of Seven Points and Nine Rounds of Balancing and Empowerment
  2. The Kitchen Witch’s Romp Through the Pantry or What an Herbalist Can Do When the Weather Is Too Rainy To Go Outside 

Trinity Ava

  1. The Business of Herbalism
  2. Sustainable Herbalism- A Tour of India, a slideshow

Francoise Bourzat

  1. Altar Building/ Earth Offering
  2. Group Altar
  3. Rattle Making/Sounding Her Sounds

Eden Jamila Clearbrook

  1. Intensive: Weaving Peace Into the Fabric of Our Lives
  2. The Vital and Essential Place of Tonic Herbs in Every Wisewoman's Medicine Chest

Leslie Drew &
Amber Crockett Young

  1. INTENSIVE: Healing the Yoniverse with Ancient Technology and Modern Wisdom
  2. Exploring Your Yoniverse

Samantha Ford, CMT, RMT, CHCT

  1. INTENSIVE: Support the Wombmyn in YOU! Embracing Breasts & Bellie

Kris Freewoman

  1. Body Rhythm Goddess, 1
  2. Body Rhythm Goddess, 2

Liisa Korpela

  1. Alchemical Herbalism
  2. Walking Softly With Nature- Ethical Wild-Crafting 
  3. Natural Beauty Care/ Spa Day by the River

Elizabeth Lakin

  1. INTENSIVE: A Bird’s Eye View of Epidemics Through the Window of Homoepathy 
  2. Unraveling the Mysteries of Homoepathy 

Kelly McRee

  1. INTENSIVE: Plant Dyes  beginning/ intermediate

Lily Mazzarella

  1. Herbs for Memory and The Mind
  2. Nurturing Libido
  3. Understanding and Coping With Anxiety

Larissa Montfort

  1. Women and the Drum, 1
  2. Women and the Drum, 2

Claire Ossenbeck

  1. Animal Totem and Plant Artwork all levels
  2. Creating Magical Garden Space (with a limited budget)
  3. The Luscious Meyer Lemon

Bridget Owen

  1. Flower Essences for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Children.
  2. Herbs and Ritual for Heavenly Hair, Scalp and Brain
  3. Herb Walk

Ruth Schlesinger, M.S., L.Ac

  1. Using Herbal Medicine and Charting to Optimize Fertility, Part 1
  2. Using Herbal Medicine and Charting to Optimize Fertility, Part 2
  3. Using Chinese Herbs and Nutrition to Avoid and Dissolve
    Abdominal and Uterine Cysts and Fibroids, Part 1
  4. Using Chinese Herbs and Nutrition to Avoid and Dissolve
    Abdominal and Uterine Cysts and Fibroids, Part 2

Michelle Vesser

  1. Dr. Weston A. Price - The Charles Darwin of Nutrition: An Overview of this 1930’s Dentist And His Extraordinary Adventures Into Health And Healing Foods
  2. Meeting The Spirit And Medicine Of Plants
  3. There Is More To “Weeds” Than Meet The Eye 

Stargazer Li
  1. Stargazing with Li, 1
  2. Stargazing with Li, 2

Specialty Classes

High Crone Jill
  1. Crone Health: Loving Life After Menopause
  2. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone, Part 1
  3. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone, Part 2
  4. Honoring the Loss of an Unborn Child
For Young Women
Terri Jensen
  1. Dragon-Time: A Class for Young Women

Sedona Ruiz

  1. Belly Dance for Young Women, ages 12-19
Mid-kids ages 7-10
Terri Jensen
  1. TBA

Jennipher Lommen

  1. Plant Dye Hankies
  2. Herbal Eye Pillows
  3. Simple Doll Making

Kelly McRee

  1. Fairy-Tale Creatures for Mid-kids
  2. Yarn Creations for Mid-kids

Sedona Ruiz

  1. Belly Dance for Mid Kids, ages 7-11

1. Healing the Yoniverse - Leslie Drew and Amber Young
2. Support the Wombmyn in You! - Samantha Ford
3. A Bird's Eye View of Epidemics Through the Window of Homeopathy -
Elizabeth Lakin
4. Plant Dyes -
Kelly McRee

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