Teachers and classes for Session 2 • May 28-31, 2004 Session 3 Session 1
Carole Addison
  1. INTENSIVE: Aromatherapy
  2. TBA

Naomi Caspe, L. Ac.

  1. Plant Stories from the East
  2. Secrets of Happiness from the Golden Cabinet

Felicia Ferruzza

  1. Seasonal Chinese Herbal Diet Therapy: Cooking Class for Women in the Springtime  part 1
  2. Seasonal Chinese Herbal Diet Therapy: Cooking Class for Women in the Springtime  part 2
  3. Jin Jing Gong Oi Gong: Strengthening the Tendons & Sinews Qi Gong

Julie Gauss, C.C.H.

  1. Menstrual Musings part 1
  2. Menstrual Musings part 2
  3. Creative Herbal Remedies for Parents
  4. Song Circle

Holly Fennell Guzman, O.M.D., L.Ac.

  1. INTENSIVE: Bladder & Kidney Health
  2. Sinuses and Relation to Health

Donnalee Hart, N.D.

  1. Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and Other Adventures, Like Scarlet Fever
  2. A Bunch of Carrots part 1
  3. A Bunch of Carrots part 2
  4. The Blessed Nightshades

Gwen Jensen

  1. Flower Essences part 1
  2. Flower Essences part 2

Lois Johnson, M. D.

  1. INTENSIVE:  Menopause
  2. Beyond Valerian: Treatment of Sleep Disorders
  3. Sunshine, Moonlight & Darkness

Pat Loomis, M.S., C.H., C.A.S.

  1. Introduction to Ayurveda
  2. Staying in Balance with Herbs and Foods the Ayurvedic Way
  3. Ayurveda and the Mind - the Healing of Consciousness
  4. Increasing Shakti: Prana, Our Feminine Power

Mehndi Mama Carrin, Henna Artist

  1. Class 1—The Ingredients
  2. Class 2— Activation and the Cauldron
  3. Class 3—The Body of Application
Sue Morgenti
  1. Solar Ovens part 1
  2. Solar Ovens part 2

Christa Sinadinos

  1. INTENSIVE: Digestion System
  2. Herbal Diagnostics: Methods of Diagnosis for Herbalists

Diane Smalley, L.Ac.

  1. Shoni-shin
  2. Out From Under the Influence
  3. Restore the Spleen Soup

Bethany Staffieri

  1. Edible Medicine
  2. Plants and Their Spirits: How Sensing, Seeing, & Drawing Can Give
    Greater Awarenss of the Natural World and our Part In It

Lynda Wells, DVM
  1. INTENSIVE: Herbs and Body Care for the Healthy Dog and Cat
  2. Growing a garden for your animal: Healing gardens for your cat and dog

Tamara Wilder

  1. Friction Firemaking
  2. Lymes's Disease
  3. Utilitarian Uses Plant Walk
  4. Wild Foods

Maralee Wisewomyn & Linda Sauter
  1. INTENSIVE: Field Grasses Basket
  2. Rattle Making

Specialty Classes


High Crone Jill
  1. Crone Health: Loving Life After Menopause
  2. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone part 1
  3. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone part 2
  4. Honoring the Loss of an Unborn Child
Terri Jensen
  1. Dragon-Time: A Class for Newly Menstruating Young Women
Tweens  ages 10-14

Kelley Mathias
  1. Hair, Henna & Art part 1
  2. Hair, Henna & Art part 2
Mid-kids ages 7-10
  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
Carole Addison
Holly Fennell Guzman, O.M.D, L.Ac
Bladder & Kidney Health
Lois Johnson, M.D
Christa Sinadinos
Digestion System
Maralee Wisewomyn & Linda Sauter
Field Grasses Basket
Lynda Wells, D.V.M
Herbs and Body Care for the Healthy Dog and Cat

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