Teachers and classes for Session 2 • May 25-28, 2007 Session 1 Session 3

Karen Aguiar & Terri Jensen

  1. Fungi Farmaceuticals
Cho’Qosh Auh’ho’oh
  1. Dance of Life
  2. Kitchen Witches’ Romp Through the Pantry
Linda Bruno
  1. Iridology slide show
  2. Herb Walk

Kris Freewoman

  1. Body Rhythm Goddess, Part 1
  2. Body Rhythm Goddess, Part 2
  3. Women and the Drum
Heidi Haigis
  1. Breast Health, Breast Massage and Herbal Remedies, Part 1
  2. Breast Health, Part 2
  3. Tree Wisdom: Letting Gaia Feed Us
Brenda Igler, C.A.S.,P.K.S.
  1. Ayurveda & Aromatherapy
  2. Making an Herbal Mandala, Part 1
  3. Makiing an Herbal Mandala, Part 2
Gwen Jensen
  1. Flower Essences TBA
  2. Flower Essences TBA
Terri Jensen
  1. Fungi Farmaceuticals, Exploring the World of Medicinal Mushrooms
  2. Dragontime, a Class for Newly Bleeding Young Women
Elizabeth Lakin
  1. INTENSIVE: Emergency and First Aid Homeopathic Remedies
  2. The Magic, Art & Science of Homeopathy
Lily Mazzarella
  1. Heading Off Metabolic Distress: Food and Herbs for Blood Sugar Regulation
  2. Beyond Valerian: Herbs (and more!) for Troubled Sleep
  3. What is Your Adaptogen? Part 1
  4. What is Your Adaptogen? Part 2: Eat Your Medicine
Mehndi Mama
  1. Mehndi, Part 1: Introduction to the Alchemy of Mehndi
  2. Mehndi, Part 2: The Cauldron of Activation
  3. Mehndi, Part 3: The Body of Application

  1. Herbal Love Charms
  2. Herbal Abundance Magic
  3. Bubble, Bubble, Toil, & Trouble: Dangerous Herbs of the Witches

Hope Rose of HopeSprings
  1. INTENSIVE: Distillation Demystified
  2. Body Care: An Exploration Journey Into What We Put On Our Skin

Nicki Scully
  1. INTENSIVE: The Communal Cauldron, Making Spiritual Medicine
  2. Alchemical Healing with Plants

Michelle Vesser
  1. There Is More To “Weeds” Than Meet The Eye
  2. Meeting The Spirit And Medicine Of Plants
  3. Dr. Weston A. Price - The Charles Darwin of Nutrition: An Overview of
    this 1930’s Dentist And His Extraordinary Adventures Into Health And Healing Foods.

Katrina Sky Weaver
  1. Basket weaving, Part 1
  2. Basket weaving, Part 2

Brie Wieselman & Debra Maya
  1. INTENSIVE: Barefoot Medicine Doctor
  2. Demystifying Chinese Patent Medicine

Tamara Wilder
  1. Friction Firemaking
  2. Stringmaking
  3. Utilitarian Plant Walk
  4. Wild Foods

Stargazer Li
  1. Stargazing with Li, 1
  2. Stargazing with Li, 2

Specialty Classes

High Crone Jill
  1. Crone Health: Loving Life After Menopause
  2. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone: Part 1
  3. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone: Part 2
  4. Honoring the Loss of an Unborn Child
For Young Women
Terri Jensen
  1. Dragon-Time: A Class for Young Women
Mid-kids ages 7-10
  1. TBA


1. Emergency and First Aid Homeopathic Remedies • Elizabeth Lakin
2. Essential Oil Distillation • Hope Rose of HopeSprings
3. The Communal Cauldron • Nicki Scully
4. INTENSIVE: Barefoot Medicine Doctor Brie Wieselman & Debra Maya

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