Teachers and classes for Session 3 • September 3-6, 2004 Session 1 Session 2
Janine Bjornson
  1. Strawbale Wall Mock-up part 1
  2. Strawbale Wall Mock-up part 2
  3. Sculpting Sacred Space
Jo Carson
  1. Bioremediation: Using Nature's Clean-up Tools
  2. Cirlces Within Circles: Sitting in the Cauldron
  3. Wild Plant Food: From Survival Rations to Gourmet Recipes
Julia Fischer
  1. INTENSIVE: Distillation: A Day in the Life of Aromatic Plants
  2. Special Tratments for Serious Skin Conditions
Erin Fisher &
Katherine Steele
  1. Introduction to Permaculture
  2. Permaculture Principles and Community Organizing
  3. Permaculture and Renewable Energy
Pamela L. Gould, N. D.
  1. Sustainable Families and Parenting
  2. About Tea
  3. Anxiety

Kimber Holmes &
Jennifer Radtke
  1. INTENSIVE: Biodiesel 101
  2. Introduction to Cobb

Molly Rinaldi
  1. Grease for Peace: Running Diesel Engines on Strickly Vegetable Oil

Nancy Kissam
  1. Cruisin' the Hood 101: An Herb Walk
  2. Cruisin' the Hood 201: An Herb Walk
  3. Cruisin' the Hood 301: An Herb Walk

Kelly McRee
  1. INTENSIVE: Creating a Plant Dye Sample Book
  2. Plant Dyeing 101/ Plant Dyeing in the Past

Shelly Mortensen
  1. Flower Essence Watercolor: The Nuts and Bolts part 1
  2. Flower Essence Watercolor: The Nuts and Bolts part 2
  3. A Rose By Another Name is Still a Rose

Irena Nickels
  1. Herbal Essence Movement Matrix
  2. Pan Eu Rhythmy: The Dance of the Soul—for adults
  3. Pan Eu Rhythmy: The Dance of the Soul—for children

Debra Riordan, C.A.S.
  1. INTENSIVE: Digestive Spices and Herbs of Ayurveda
  2. Ayurvedic Herbs for Women

Carol Venolia
  1. INTENSIVE: Eco-Rehab Your Home
  2. Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly—a slide show
  3. Your Senses, Your World

Cheryl "Li" Walter, Ph. D.
  1. Keeping Time With the Stars and Planets
  2. Star Gazing with: Li part 1
  3. Star Gazing with: Li part 2

Miss Beatrice Waight
  1. Mayan Healing
  2. Herbal Baths
  3. Herbal Teas

Kristen Younger
  1. The Healing Powers of Wheatgrass
  2. Hypoglycemia—The Sugar Blues
  3. Leaky Gut Syndrome

Maria Yraceburu
  1. Healing for Women
  2. Stalking Power
  3. Wheel of Life

Specialty Classes • Crones

High Crone Jill
  1. Crone Health: Loving Life After Menopause—All crones
  2. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone part 1—All crones
  3. Honoring the Loss of an Unborn Child—All crones
Terri Jensen

Dragon-Time: A Class for Newly Menstruating Young Women

Mid-kids ages 7-10

All classes TBA

Kimber Holmes &
Jennifer Radtke
Biodiesel 101
Debra Riordan
Digestive Spices and Herbs of Ayurveda
Carol Venolia
Eco-Rehab Your Home
Julia Fischer
Kelly McRee
Creating a Plant Dye Sample Book

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