Robyn first came to the NCWHS in 1992 after her first venture into studying herbs and natural healing.  It was life-changing and she never looked back.  She continued to go on to study herbs with Michael Moore in 1994 and still loves playing with plants wherever she goes.  She has been teaching yoga since 1994 and is certified in Forrest Yoga, Integrative Yoga Therapy and Anusara Yoga.  She owns and runs Inner Freedom Yoga in Arcata.

Robyn has been on a healing and spiritual path for over 25 years, exploring Tantra, meditation and yoga, along with transformational tools for healing relationships. She is a body-centered relationship and self-esteem coach for women trained in developmental trauma as well as SkyDancing Tantra.  She offers private coaching and groups for women in The Yoga of Relationships and Tantra workshops, combining body wisdom with practical life coaching tools helping her clients to transform old patterns into healthy communication and intimacy in relationships with others and themselves.

2018 Session 1

  1. Three Keys to Creating True Connections: The Secret Power of Yoga for Your Relationships
  2.  Embodied Communication