Sama attended the Women’s Herbal Symposium over 20 years ago and discovered her ability to receive healing guidance directly from the plant realm with an initiatory conversation with a Mullein plant that told her exactly how it could support her with her chronic lung issues. This was a potent step in the beginning of her journey of exploration and discovery of the blessings of the plant world. She was becoming an avid gardener at the time as well, and quickly made friends with an abundance of plant allies. She had met Kami McBride at the Symposium and soon enrolled in her 9 Month Herbal Medicine Woman Apprenticeship which deepened her exploration of herbalism, awakening a perennial passion for this Feminine Wisdom Tradition within her. She has started and tended numerous personal and group gardens at various places throughout California and Oregon, including Davis, Deadwood, Napa, Garberville, Long Beach, and Middletown where she now resides and nurtures a beautiful labyrinth herb garden. Sama and her plant friends nourish her primary profession as a massage therapist with handmade oils, balms, and spa treatment products as well as other herbal medicines when needed. She is deeply devoted to the powerful health enhancing gifts the herbs have to offer and receives these gifts avidly in her daily life, sharing them with her loved ones and community as well. She has cultivated a collaborative relationship with the plant world and lives integrated into the ecology of the garden, that all beings, plant, animal, mineral, and spirit may live in health and harmony.


2018 Session 1

  1. INTENSIVE: Sacred Full Body Herbal Spa Treatment

  2. Sacred Herb Gardening in 2 parts