Andrea Parducci "Anny Owen" Densmore

Anny is the certificated Music Teacher for K-8 students at the Bolinas School. Her elementary/middle school teaching career is in year sweet sixteen!

This lifelong musician thrives on tuning in to the playful spirit. Anny's strength in creating a safe and fun group climate results in the common freedom to express through artful play. The approach is partly Orff Shulwerk, steeped in Afro-American playground, and seasoned with deep folk, funk and frolic.

Woo hoo! Here we go! Watch for us at the talent show!

2011 Session 3

  1. Playing Music with Anny

2012 Session 3
  1. Makin' Awsome Music with Anny

2010 Session 3

  1. Playing Music with Andrea
  2. Music for Mid-Kids