Dr. Hasna Wood, L.Ac.



Hasna has dedicated her life to the Divine service of others. Her knowledge, experience, and on-going growth and education in the field of health, wellness and balance is extraordinarily vast and inspiring! She exudes compassion, strength, wisdom and divinely inspired guidance.

The vastness of her tool box of healing techniques, innovative modalities and cutting edge (yet ancient!) therapies expands her abilities to be of service to many genres of people in need.

Her Academic education is in Chinese Medicine, including herbal tinctures, acupuncture, shiatsu, Tui Na, cupping, moxa, and more. She also holds a Ministerial Degree in Spiritual Healing and Counseling. Hasna's personal experiences lead her to the Optimum Health Institute where she was trained in live food detoxification, and the raw food life style.

She has clinical experience and training in homeopathy, nutrition, flower essence remedies and plant based, natural, ancient medicinals.

Her passion is sustainability! Sustainability of the individual, the seen and unseen beings, the local community and the earth as a whole. Guided by this current of love for all beings that flows naturally through Hasna, she has combined all of her years of knowledge, experience and education to bring to her local community, "Medicine from the Hive." Apitherapy, Bee venom therapy, Apipuncture, Bee sting therapy and Bee-ToX (natural facial rejuvenation) utilize all of this Holy creature's long-revered, ancient, innate wisdom to heal and treat a multitude of disorders and conditions. Hasna uses all the bee products like honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis as well as various techniques using the natural healing properties of the honey bees venom.
Unique to this country, but practiced widely all over Europe and Canada, Hasna brings to our community, BVT treatments.

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