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Women’s Herbal Symposium

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Dear Work Exchange Applicant, 

Thank-you for your interest in our Work Exchange program. This is a fun and important program that provides financial assistance and a fun and enthusiastic work force. 

We greatly appreciate and depend on each worker.

The questions in this form help us to place you into an appropriate position. Work tasks differ in time and skill required. Please answer the questions fully so that we place you into the right position.

We will contact you by email sometime in April or May for our May Sessions and August for our September Session with your work assignment and all the needed details.

Some Important Information:

  • Work Exchangers work a minimum of 12 hours through-out the session and reduce their registration fee to $150. Work times depend on the particular job assigned.
  • All Work Exchangers need to attend a meeting on Friday to be familiarized with the work tasks, unless prior arrangements are made directly with us ( Meeting times will be sent by email.
  • Job positions are assigned in the order that application’s are sent. The earlier your application is sent in the more likely you are to get your first job choice. 

Thank-you for your interest in Work Exchange. We look forward to working with you!


  1. Register online HERE and select ‘work exchange.’
  2. Complete payment either online or by sending a check or money order to:
    NCWHS  P.O. Box 28 Graton, CA 95444

If you do not do work exchange your fee will be returned to you or applied to a regular registration fee, per your request.

For cancelations please see our cancelation policy here.

Work Exchange Application 6.15.24

Application for Work Exchange • 2024

After you register for work exchange here, complete this application and submit.

If your answer was no, please register HERE first.
In order to be assigned a work-exchange position, it s necessary to register.

_____________________________________herb plant___________________________________


9. What would you like to do? There are over sixty Work Exchange positions per session, in the following categories. Please rate at least three in order of your preference, in the blanks to the left of the jobs.

Bodyworker - work through-out the weekend, times vary, list your experience below

Childcare - work during 1/2 of the class times

Dish station prep - work during mealtimes - repeated lifting required, strong arms & back needed

Food shuttle - work during mealtimes  - repeated lifting required, strong arms & back needed

Gear shuttle - work on Friday & Monday - repeated lifting required, strong arms & back needed

Kitchen prep - work through-out the Session, 3 four-hour shifts

Kitchen prep & break down - work Friday before Session starts, Monday after Session  closes, plus one additional shift Saturday evening

Kitchen prep on Thursday all day & Friday morning - work before Session opens

Parking - work long day on Friday in the open sun, good organizational & people skills needed

Privy cleaning - work during evening, break, and off times

Recycle/garbage hauling on Tuesday - 1/2 position, need open bed truck & live locally

Registration table - work all day Friday and part of Saturday, must have past NCWHS attendance

Set Up & Tear Down - work before and after Session