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Class Descriptions Session 1 • May 20-23, 2011

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Beth Riedel A.H.G, N.C

1. Herb Walk led by the Local Plants Facilitated by Beth Riedel, beginner/intermediate
Come meet the local plants who so willingly share their world with us. We'll discuss ways to meet & greet & identify these amazing beings, as well as, the many ways they care for us - both physically & spiritually.

2. Habitat Exploring with Beth Riedel, beginner/intermediate
We'll look specifically at the different mini-ecosystems to see what plants lives where & how this information can help us understand how they can help us to care for our bodies. Come & be taught by the plants.

Bibiana Love

1. Make Your Own Magical Herbarium, beginner/intermediate
Let’s make our own research labs with pressed, dried, collections of our favorite herbs embellished with poetry and art.

Donna d'Terra

1. An Herb Walk To Begin The Symposium, beginning/intermediate
This will be a plant walk to begin the weekend, to ground ourselves on this beautiful land and to learn what is growing here. We will discuss the importance of using wild plants as food and medicine. We will also take time to set our intention for the weekend.

2. Celebrating The Seasons, all levels
We will look at the Wheel of the Year with a focus on the Solstices and Equinoxes, and how we can bring herbs into our celebrations and rituals, including food and drink, incense and smudge, craft projects, activities and symbolism.

3. Putting Herbs By, beginning/intermediate
This class will cover timing, tools and techniques for harvesting, drying and storing roots, leaves, flowers, berries and seeds, and ideas for preserving and enhancing the vitality in your medicinal plants, from harvest to storage or medicine making.

4. The Medicine Chest Garden, beginning

We will discuss 8 easy-to-grow herbs with which you can create your own Medicine Chest Garden, including tips for cultivation, harvesting, and medicine making, to create simple herbal remedies.  The herbs: comfrey, catnip, arnica, echinacea, California poppy, valerian, yarrow and motherwort.

DeAnna Batdorff

1. INTENSIVE: Breast Health & the Lymphatic System (Immunity), all levels

The lymphatic system is called Rasa in Sanskrit, meaning the river of life. Keeping this river flowing allows all the tissues to receive nutrience, hormones to communicate and creates good immunity to cleanse impurities. Many do not even know that the lymphatic and the immune system is the same system in the body, which goes by two different names. There will be demonstrations on how to do a lymphatic breast massage, answers to students questions about they’re own breasts, assess what the breast tissue needs when imbalanced & what tools can support change and prevent diseases. Students will leave having a clear understanding of the lymph system and how to keep it and their breasts healthy.

There is strength in a river which is flowing.

2. Aromatherapy TBA

Dr. Denise Cooluris, N.D.

1. Herbal Wisdom for Allergies and Asthma, part 1, intermediate
Asthma and allergies have reached epidemic levels in North America, especially in Sonoma county. Join us as we discuss the mechanisms of these immune reactions, the multifaceted causes, and how herbalists can formulate to safely and effectively address these concerns in our community. Specific plants and formulae, including alternatives to endangered species and unique applications will be covered. This workshop will benefit students at all levels, with inclusion of more advanced guidance of managing these complex health concerns.

2. Herbal Wisdom for Allergies and Asthma, part 2, intermediate
We will continue. See part 1 for full description.

3. PMS- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Days, all levels
For many women, our cyclic emotional, physical, and mental changes do not just pertain to our menses, this can involve one to two weeks of significant health disruption prior (or after) menstruation. Examining how stress, our digestive system, and hormones contributes to the experience of our cycles is the first step in identifying the underlying cause to PMS. This class will explore the multiple health factors that can contribute to PMS as well as the nutritional, lifestyle, and herbal tools available to us to remain balanced in all phases of our cycles.

Irene Lewis

1. Luscious Lotions and Lip Balms
A fun hands on class! You will learn which herbs and essential oils to use for different skin types, what the differences are in base oil choices and also leave with a sample of a luscious lotion and lip balm we make in class.

2. Sleep Sweet Sleep
Sadly, many people are not sleeping. Come find out some of the reasons why, and how herbs, supplements, foods, and lifestyle choices can help bring you to sweet sleep filled nights.

3. Holistic Stress Management
Excess stress effects every part of our well being. We will discuss how the use of herbs, essentail oils, foods and lifestyle choices can help keep you in balance.

Jasmine Rose Oberste, L.Ac.

1. Women’s Reproductive Health: Eastern & Western Understanding of the Menstrual Cycle, Pregnancy, and Post-Partum Care, part 1, all levels
This course will review anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system and endocrine glands, and the hormonal flow throughout the menstrual cycle. 

Then we will go basic Chinese medical theory of the menstrual cycle, including identifying the body’s essential substances (blood, qi, yin, yang, and jing) as well as some organ and meridian theory (those most relevant to women’s health).  Following will be eastern and western understanding of pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum care. Throughout will be an emphasis on self-care, including diet and herbal therapies (both western and Chinese) that can be helpful to support harmonious and healthful cycles, pregnancy, and recovery after childbirth. (Some recipes included are for menstrual cramps, others for promoting lactation and for replenishing and rebuilding blood after childbirth).

2. Women’s Reproductive Health: Eastern & Western Understanding of the Menstrual Cycle, Pregnancy, and Post-Partum Care, part 2, all levels
We will continue. See part 1 for full description.

3. Herbs that Tonify Qi, all levels
Chinese herbs are divided by functional categories. This class will explore the group of herbs that are used to tonify qi, first examining what qi is and how it functions in the body, how it is replenished or depleted. We will take a guided tour of qi tonic herbs, including a comparison of different types of ginsengs, astragalus, codonopsis, finishing with a discussion of how many of these herbs are used in soups and teas as home remedies, especially in the cuisine of Southern China.

Jenny Rebecca Swiecicki

1. INTENSIVE: Taking Care of Ourselves with Jin Shin Jyutsu and Herbs, all levels
Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient hands-on healing art of harmonizing life energy using gentle touch. Translated as "the art of the creator through person of compassion and knowing," this art gives us tools for keeping ourselves in balance physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually. In this intensive, we will discuss the history and philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu, then introduce the basic practices to support you in your health and joyful living. We will talk about the order of creation, as seen through the perspective of Jin Shin Jyutsu- the study of energy as it denses down from the highest vibration (spiritual) into the physical body. We will introduce the "safety energy locks," which are similar to acupressure points located on our body, and talk about how we can simply hold these various places to bring harmony to our immune systems, digestive systems, central nervous system, and more. Each of these energy locks has a number and universal meaning and purpose, which we will explore. We will also learn how to harmonize our bodies and our attitudes through the simple practice of holding our fingers and using a few specific finger mudras. As we explore this system of taking care of ourselves, we will also include some herbal allies that can be used along with the Jin Shin Jyutsu practices. Since the focus of this class is on deepening our self-care, we will spend plenty of time practicing the self-help together in a meditative space.
"The truth is that within each one of us lies the power to cast all misery aside and to KNOW complete Peace and Oneness- to BE that beautiful creation of perfect harmony-to truly KNOW (help) MYSELF."—Mary Burmeister

2. Home Remedies for Babies and Children, beginning
Learn simple and practical ways to help your little ones at home, using herbal remedies and Jin Shin Jyutsu (a hands-on healing art similar to acupressure, which uses gentle touch to stimulate the body's innate healing wisdom and vital energy). We will cover some basic remedies to address colds, flus, coughs, fevers, allergies, infections, cuts and scrapes, bruises and more. We'll discuss creative ways to get the medicine into the little ones as well.

Jill Leslie

1. INTENSIVE: Let Your Food Be Your Medicine, Cooking For Radiance & Vitality all levels
Ayurveda highlights the importance of digestion and diet as the key to wellness. Remember, your food becomes you! Eat to nourish your body, calm your mind and satisfy your senses. The ancient texts on Ayurveda have clear guidelines about which foods are the most nourishing, the most easily digestible, and those most often found to be the source of illness. There is a saying in Ayurveda “When your diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” In this class students will learn these ancient, tried and true principles, as well as recipes and menu planning. We will prepare delicious nourishing foods you can make at home for breakfast, lunch, dinner and, of course, dessert.

2. Ayurveda Demystified: The Enchanting Journey Toward Balance, beginning
Discover the basic principles and practices of Ayurveda in this introductory level workshop. Students will have the opportunity to determine their body constitution (Vata/Pitta/Kapha). We will review simple and effective dietary guidelines & lifestyle practices to support and harmonize the body and the mind. The beauty of Ayurveda is in its profound simplicity. With a basic understanding and application of its principles we can truly make profound and lasting changes in our lives.

3. The Skin Eats: Ayurvedic Herbal Preparations & Aromatherapy for Health, Beauty & Wellness, all levels
Ayuvedic body care products are more than simple cleansers. They have been used since ancient times as a means of nourishing the tissues of the body through the application and absorption of oils, herbs and powders. Students will make herbal body care products and learn about the healing properties of the ingredients and how they can be used to balance individual constitutions and health concerns. In this hands on class you will learn to make abhyanga  (massage) oil, facial masks, tooth powder, and nasya (nasal) oil.

Joanne Rand

1. Singing Into Being, A Vocal Workshop With Joanne Rand, 1
(No experience necessary) all levels
An experiential vocal workshop incorporating songs and chants from indigenous cultures throughout the globe, as well as Rand's original songs and those we create together. Includes exercises in sound, listening, movement, & breath...all tools for helping to access our voice. Emphasis is on spontaneity, group dynamics, and freeing up the INNER AUTHENTIC VOICE creating a sense of COMMUNITY & DEEP ECOLOGY.

2. Singing Into Being, A Vocal Workshop With Joanne Rand, 2
(No experience necessary) all levels
See class 1 for full description.

Karen Aguiar and Terri Jensen

1. A Beginner’s Orientation: An Insiders Guide to the Fun, Frolic and Wisdom at NCWHS, new commers
First time here? Been here before but still not too sure? Come hang out with us, and we’ll give you the NCWHS low-down. We’ll let you in on the inside scoop so you’ll know your way around and have a direct line to the fun, frolic, and the wisdom that we’ve been blessed with for 21 years!

Leslie Gardner, MH, RH, (AHG)

1. The Technology Of Independence: Growing Your Own Plant Medicine
Growing your own plants and using the direct medicine is a powerful act of self reliance. We will talk about the tools needed to site your garden or farm, propagate your own plant medicine, harvest properly for the highest medicinal potency, and supply medicine makers or distributors. Working with and getting to know the plants themselves is the best way to truly know their medicine!

2. Growing Plant Medicine: Propagation
This class will focus on bringing new plants into the world; we will discuss seed starting, seed harvest and saving, stem cuttings and other methods of propagation.  With genetically modified organisms becoming an ever-increasing threat to biodiversity in the botanical realm, it is ever more important for us to have the knowledge to control our own medicinal plant sources.

3. Plant Spirit Medicine
This class will explore what we might call “direct medicine” – messages that we receive from the plants and our response to them. We’ll talk about the history of plant spirit medicine, we’ll sit with the plants, and we’ll focus in particular on the Doctrine of Signatures, which is one way that the plants can communicate directly with us. Come with your senses open to the other realms of plant life.

Lisa Pesch, D.V.M.

1. Holistic Pet Care, part 1, all levels
Learn how to care for you animal friends by helping their natural ability to maintain health. Discussion will include diet, exercise, healthy social interaction, and treatment of common ailments. 

2. Holistic Pet Care, part 2, all levels
We will continue. See Holistic Pet Care, part 1, for full description.

3. The Earth Body, all levels
How to use the five element theory to understand the body's dynamic balance in health and select herbs for treating imbalances when they occur.       

Maralee Wisewomyn and Linda Sauter

1. Sewing A Coiled Meadow Grass Basket, part 1,  all levels, mid-kids welcome with adult assistance
We will sit in a meadow with flowering and seeding grasses, cut them into bunches, and sew them together into small baskets. Mid-kids welcome with adult assistance. 

2. Sewing A Coiled Meadow Grass Basket, part 2,  all levels, mid-kids welcome with adult assistance
We will continue. See part 1 for full description.

1. Weaving A Small Twined Basket, part 1 all levels, not appropriate for children
We will use locally gathered materials to weave a small twined basket. Limited to 35 women
2. Weaving A Small Twined Basket, part 2 all levels, not appropriate for children
We will continue. See part 1 for full description.

Marcey Shapiro, M.D.


Megan McElroy

1. Drumming in The Round beginners
A slow, sacred and gentle beginner class based on making women feel comfortable on the drum. This class is preparation and education that should help even the women who consider themselves non-drummers feel good in contributing to Sunday nights drum circle extravaganza. Please bring any kind of drums or any percussion instruments you have. Megan will have some drums to borrow. Please also bring a chair for yourself. You can locate some near the registration area if you don't have one to use.

Sage LaPena, CMH/ CHR



1. Sacred Belly Dance, all levels
Embrace Your Feminity, Awaken Your Sensuality, Connect With Your Power.  Sedona will teach you about the roots and sacred history of this ancient art form. Then through the foundational Belly Dance Spirals, Circles, shimmies and undulations,  we will dance our way to well being!

2. Mother Daughter Belly Dance, mothers and daughters
“And thou shalt in thy daughter see, this picture, once, resembled thee.” The mother daughter relationship is one of the most magical and yet complex. In this workshop Sedona will guide you through exercises to honor and love one another, then strengthen the bond by dancing for and with one another! A fun and simple mother-daughter duet choreography will be taught at the end.

Trish Gallagher

1. INTENSIVE: Seaweed Safari

2. Power of the Sea: Medicinal Uses for Seaweed

3. Sea Spa


High Crone Jill 

1. Loving Life After Menopause
Crones, come share lunch with other Wise Crones. We will discuss loving life after menopause, finding joy, appreciation, and health in our Crone years. We will also discuss our part in the Maiden’s Rites of Passage Ceremony and our own Crone’s Honoring Ritual.

2. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone, part 1
This is time to reflect and share our experiences of Cronehood and our love for our Wise Crone ways and bodies. Past menopause and into memorypause, we will tell our stories. A time to make a ritual Crone Broom will follow.

3. The Spirit Side of Being A Crone, part 2
Crones, come share another lunch with other Wise Crones. We will continue our plans for the Maiden's Rites of Passage and our own Crone's Honoring Ritual.

4. Honoring the Loss of an Unborn Child
Join us for a quiet honoring of the loss of an unborn child through miscarriage or abortion.

Young Women

DeAnna Batdorff


Terri Jensen

1. Dragontime newly menstruating young women

Welcome maidens, to the Circle of Women! Join us in celebrating the beauty and strength of this phase of your life, the time of your bloods. We will explore ideas and feelings, hear stories, make things to care for ourselves and prepare for the Maiden' s Rites of Passage Ceremony to be held Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. Any young woman who would like to go through the Maiden Ceremony must attend this class.


1. Belly Dance for Young Women, young women ages 12 – 18
For many years young women of various cultures have benefited from the amazing art of Belly Dance. Now it's YOUR turn!! In this class we will connect with the sacred and ancient roots of the dance along with learning fun isolations, steps and combos. Let's gather with our sisters and SHAKE IT UP!!! 


Bibiana Love

1. Make Your Own Magical Herbarium
Let's identify and press plants into a learning collection we can keep and share.


1. Belly Dance for Mid- Kids – Shimmy, Shimmy, Shake, Shake, Shake, Now Move Your Belly Like a Snake!!    mid-kids
We will use Belly Dance as our inspiration for this fun, creative movement class. But first we must look the part, so wear something you like. Sedona will provide sparkles, bindis and hip scarves.

Tamara Wilder

1. All About Elderberry
Lace up a miniature drum with rawhide, create a small vial for your treasures, or shape a musical flute. Grind away the bark to make patterns and paint them with turkey feather brushes and earth pigments.

2. Necklaces, Ropes & Nets
Tie it all together with plant fibers. Make beads from pine nuts & soapstone and then string them up on your string made from the bark of a stick. Weave together a tinder bundle nest for fire-making, practice firemaking and twist string into rope.  

3. Wild Foods For Eating, Wearing & Playing
Crack and crush berries & nuts into food, make the shells into beads and play games with acorn tops & black walnut dice.

4. Netmaking, part 1: Make Your Shuttle & Measure For Netmaking, older mid-kids, limited to 20 mid-kids who commit to part 1 and part 2
Make Your Shuttle & Measure For Netmaking

5. Netmaking, part 2: Knotted Netmaking, older mid-kids, limited to 20 mid-kids who commit to part 1 and part 2
Finish your seasoned shuttles & measures and use them to create a knotted net.

Morning Movement Classes

Thia Ashanoah

Morning Yoga

Janet Seaforth

Morning Qigong and Tai Chi

Other Classes

Stargazer Li

1. Stargazing With Li, 1 (all levels)
Come gaze at the stars sparkling in the night sky. Learn to find your way around the sky and identify the spring constellations and brightest stars, and hear the stories associated with them. Li uses a greenlaser pointer to trace the constellations that makes it easy for everyone to see exactly which stars we’re looking at. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag for warmth and comfort.

2. Stargazing With Li, 2 (all levels)
The class repeats.


Breast Health & the Lymphatic System (Immunity) D. Batdorff

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine, Cooking For Radiance & Vitality Jill Leslie

Seaweed Safari Trish Gallagher

Taking Care of Ourselves with Jin Shin Jyutsu and Herbs Jenny Rebecca Swiecicki