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Class Descriptions Session 2 • May 24 - 27, 2013

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DeAnna Batdorff

1. INTENSIVE: Breast Health & the Lymphatic System (immunity) all levels
The lymphatic system is called Rasa in Sanskrit, meaning the river of life. Keeping this river flowing allows all the tissues to receive nutrients and hormones to communicate, and it also promotes good immunity to cleanse impurities. Many do not know that the lymphatic system and the immune system is the same system in the body, which goes by two different names. There will be demonstrations on how to do a lymphatic breast massage, answers to student questions about their own breasts, assess what the breast tissue needs when imbalanced and what tools can support change and prevent disease. Students will leave having a clear understanding of the lymph and how to keep it and their breasts healthy. There is strength in a river which is flowing.

2. Self Care Essentials for Health- Steams, Gua Sha, Cuppings, Basti and More!
Do it yourself concepts for home, work and daily living to balance your mind, body and spirit and bring you better health and happiness. In Ayurveda these daily practices are called sadhana “a means of accomplishing something”

We will focus on providing you health tools to be your own practitioner. We will also be learn how to assess the face and tongue and use it as a map. Utilize one tool at a time or create a mini 3 hr. retreat for weekly replenishment. Self Care is the best Health Care we have!

3. Ayurveda: A Symptomatic Approach To Health
Looking at the body as Cold, Dry, Hot, Wet -A symptomatic approach to health
We will explore the philosophy and history of Ayurveda, a science of daily living. Originally conceived in Northern India more than 20,000 years ago, Ayurveda is widely practiced throughout the world to this day as the alchemy of good health. The class will introduce the concept of the Doshas- Vata, Pitta, Kapha, as well as the logic behind the Elemental science of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Learn how to recognize symptoms as hot, cold, wet, or dry and how our body communicates when imbalanced.

Jen Bredesen

1. Cold and Flu Prep for Babies
Get ready to tackle a cold or flu before it strikes your baby. Knowing that you can handle these common childhood ailments will be sure to relieve a new mama. Herbs are a great way to support a developing immune system. Identifying helpful strategies and having herbal remedies on hand will soothe and support you & your young child as they face these common health challenges. While focused on babes, the class material is also suitable for treating children of all ages. We will make an herbal glycerite & immune enhancing foot massage oil to take home.

2. Family First Aid Kit
Having a 1st aid kit with practical herbal remedies will support your family when first aid moments strike. Being prepared for stings, wounds, burns & bites as well as other common acute ailments will not only soothe your stress levels, but be a healthy teaching example to your family. Jen will share her first aid kit and step you through the process of creating your own kit at home.

3. Herbal Wellness in Pregnancy
Herbs and spices are safely consumed every day by pregnant women around the world to support their health and provide relief for many minor complaint of pregnancy. Understanding the safety concerns to using herbs in pregnancy is of utmost importance. In this class, Jen will go over herbal safety in pregnancy as well as using nourishing herbs and foods to support a woman in her pregnant time. Bring a small empty cup for sampling safe & nourishing infusions.

Kamala Cromptom

1. Native Plants to Fall in Love With and Where to Put Them
In this class we will look at easily available, highly functional, sturdy native plants from a variety of California ecosystems such as chaparral, riparian, wetlands, oak woodlands, mixed evergreen forrest etc. We will consider plant preferences (solar exposure, soil and water) and how to use these plants in the garden. We will also touch on what wild life is supported by them.

2. Ecosystem Compatible Not-Native Plants to Fall in Love With and Where to Put Them

Bridget Grusecki, ND

1. Living in Balance all levels
How can we incorporate a balance of both pleasure and prudence into our self-care? We’ll discuss the physiological impacts of a few dietary and recreational habits (including sugar, alcohol, and cannabis) and how we can potentially compensate for our indulgences through herbal and nutritional self-care strategies.

2. Optimizing the Emunctories, part 1 intermediate/advanced
A discussion on the channels of elimination, and how to optimize their function through nutrition, herbs and lifestyle. We'll incorporate concepts of environmental medicine and clarify the distinction between depuration and detoxification.

3. Optimizing the Emunctories, part 2 intermediate/advanced
We will continue, see part 1 for full description

Nicole LoBue

1. TBA

Lily Mazzarella MS, CNS

1. Libido

2. The Bitter Queendom: Bitters Tasting and Differentiation
How to apply bitter herbs to common patterns of digestive imbalance.

3. The Stress Clinic: Lifestyle, Diet, and Herbs For Stress Management
Stress-related imbalances are far and away the most common thing I see in practice these days. The level of stress we experience these days alters our physiology, making problems more intractable. What can we do about it.

Kelly McRee

1. Reclaiming Your Initiation into Womynhood/Motherhood
Kelly invites you to join in in creating a sacred space where we can reclaim our lost initiations and rites of passages. Most of us were raised in a culture where these rituals were forgotten or not acknowledged. Here at NCWHS we are privileged to create a ritual for our maidens, but often we did not experience one for ourselves. Kelly offers you the time to claim your power and step boldly into your womynhood, by holding a sacred space where we will honor, support, and witness the amazing being that you are.

Michele Palazzo

1. Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk, part 1 beginning/intermediate
Learn about plants that grow in your backyards, fields and forests which provide us with food and medicine. Class offers discussion, identification skills and a walk to see what is growing out there in the green world.

2. Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk, part 2 beginner/intermediate
Learn about plants that grow in your backyards, fields and forests which provide us with food and medicine. Class offers discussion, identification skills and a walk to see what is growing out there in the green world.

3. Medicinal Trees beginning/intermediate
The trees of the world are the lungs of our planet along with being a valuable resource in numerous ways. Their healing powers can affect us on many levels including providing us with medicine. Stories and remedies will be shared from around the world.

4. Women's Health: Strength, Vitality & Radiance beginning/intermediate
This class will focus on the building blocks for good health and not so much on specific ailments. When the foundation of health is laid then the infrastructure for quality living can be created.

Reverand Taica Patience

1. INTENSIVE: Keeping Sex Sacred and Alive, A Women’s Wisdom Circle About Sex all levels
In this workshop we will share wisdom (plant and otherwise) and stories about living a balanced, rich and healthy sex life whether with a partner, partners or single. This workshop will be lesbian and bi sensitive, aiming to be inclusive of all women and their differing sexualities. We will bring the sometimes taboo subject of sex into sacred conversation and sacred space in order to support each other in de-shaming and reclaiming our divine sexual natures, and seeing the sacred in our sexual desire, while also looking lovingly at places where we can fall out of integrity with ourselves in our expressions of sex. We will bring in such topics as sex magic, sex prayer, devotional sex, sex as a spiritual practice, better sex through open communication, and keeping sex alive in long term relationships and through and after menopause. This workshop is appropriate for adult women of all three levels. For women who have come to this workshop in the past, please come and share how your sexual journey has gone this past year and how this class supported you.

2. Mehndi; Henna Sacred Body Adornment, part 1 all levels, ages 8 & older
Henna is the sacred and ancient body adornment plant. This plant has been used by women since antiquity in India and Morocco for creating temporary, sacred and ritual body art. The practice of Mehndi is a ritual; an incantation and a blessing on the skin. In this workshop we will adorn each other, and talk about henna, its meaning and history, and the spiritual practice of temporary art. We will bless and be blessed by beautifying each other. Henna stains last on the skin for 5-20 days.

2. Mehndi; Henna Sacred Body Adornment, part 2 all levels, ages 8 & older
We will continue.

Melissa Patterson, ND

1. Adaptogens: How to Thrive in the Time of Fast-Paced Evolution beginning/intermediate
Times are moving fast externally and internally and we need support on a deep physiological level. Our adrenals and nervous system need nurturing in order to thrive in these fast-paced times. This class will give you a great tool bag of adaptogenic herbs both for the nervous system and adrenals with a discussion of when to use them so that you will feel nurtured and held as you do your work in the world.

2. Breaking Free From What Binds Us, with Flower Essences intermediate/advanced

3. Treating Thyroid Disorders Naturally

Shad Reinstein, NCCAOM

1. Menopause From A Chinese Perspective Using Both Chinese and Western Herbs, part 1 all levels
Menopause—Moving Gracefully Through Using Chinese Medicine & Herbs
Hot Flashes? Insomnia? Missed periods? There are more women simultaneously going through menopause now than ever before in the history of the world. Watch out world! In this information packed course we will discuss about what is happening to our bodies as we age and how Chinese Medicine and herbs (both Western and Chinese) can help us through this natural transition more easily. Join us for learning and laughter as we learn how to navigate our bodies.

2. Menopause From A Chinese Perspective Using Both Chinese and Western Herbs, part 2 all levels
Class is continued.

3. History of Woman Healers all levels
This class will be a race through the history of women healers in Europe and the Mediterranean regions. Starting with the earliest civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia, sprinting to Greece and Rome, then to the Middle ages and the persecution of the witches, through to the modern days. Who was Agnodice? why did the development of the printng press lead to the persecution of women? sorry we do not have time to include the other continents.

Jenni Silverstein 1. One Billion Rising "Break the Chain" Flashmob Routine
Come learn the dance that rocked the world! This past Valentines Day, over a billion women and men from 207 countries to came together to dance and rise for the rights of women to feel safe and healthy in our bodies and homes. One Billion Rising harnesses the energy of music and movement for worldwide cultural evolution. Join us in feeling the power and beauty as we send patriarchy one step closer to the compost bin and connect with our sisters around the world through dance. Then help us share the magic at Talent Show!

Kym Trippsmith

1. Singing in the Key of Trees
If you go outside and close your eyes, you can hear the symphony of the earth. Being able to hear this amazing symphony depends on each person’s state of attention. We will do a few exercises that help each person to listen and separate out different elements of the natural world’s symphony. Learning how to join your voice with this ongoing symphony is the focus of this workshop. Each participant will be coached on translating what they hear into a melody line of notes, words and rhythms. We will then each share our spirit songs with the rest of the participants.

Michelle Vesser

1. INTENSIVE: A Journey to Healing, Tracking Your Inner Landscape beginning
In this Intensive you will be invited to enter a healing journey into your own Inner landscape. It is through the body’s wisdom that we can track the places that keep us constricted. You will be lead through several exercises, individually and in pairs. Using simple tools we will support one another to find familiar places that stop us from bringing our gifts forward. Our journey together will lead you to a new awareness and reconnect you with your vast luminous self.

2. How to Enjoy Going Wheat, Grain, and Sugar Free?? beginning
Have you come to the realization that the foods you are eating are causing you digestive complications and other health problems? Have you asked yourself: What would life be like without wheat, grains and sweet treats? Will you be missing out and have trouble figuring out how to satisfy your desire for the snacks and treats you are used to. This is one of the hardest things about changing our diets. Michelle have developed recipes to support those that are being called to go on a wheat/grain/sugar free diet. We will spend our time together tasting and sharing recipes like Cardamom cake, Brazilin cheese bread, Lemon curd and seed crackers. Lowering your sugar and carbohydrate intake will lead to healing your digestive system, arthritis, Candida and more. It is time to create new and delicious possibilities for yourself and your loved ones

3. Re-Imagining the world of Weeds beginning
This is geared toward beginning herbalists and gardeners alike. It is a way to become acquainted with those plants that are often referred to as “Weeds” in our gardens and neighborhoods. Many of these plants are our greatest ally’s in our medicine pouches and in the kitchen. Weeds in the past were also the means to know our land and soil as they act as indicators for us. You can also utilize weeds as dynamic accumulators for the compost pile or to make herbal infusions for the garden. Michelle will bring a variety of weeds in glass jars and discuss their uses and magical/medicinal qualities.

Rose Zarchin &
Meadow Shere

1. From Sheep to Shawl

2. TBA

Stargazer Li

1. Essence Making and Taking with Stargazer Li
Essences are infused vibrational waters that can create subtle, but very distinct, shifts in consciousness, enabling us to meet the moment in new ways. Come learn some of the less-often-heard aspects of making essences~ of plants, trees, rocks, planets, journeys, and more! We'll also experience and explore the ways that taking essences can support our bodies and beings in adjusting to and engaging with the shifting energies of these times. Prepare to be dosed!

Tara West

1. Drum Circle Play! 
Tara will explore basic drum rhythms and etiquette to facilitate a more successful and playful drum circle experience.  Women and girls of all ages are welcome.  Bring your drums, shakers, bells and playful spirits to weave a circle of magic that can carry over into the Sunday night ritual and fire circle. See you there!

Specialty Classes


High Crone Jill

1. Loving Life After Menopause
Crones, come share lunch with other Wise Crones. We will discuss loving life after menopause, finding joy, appreciation, and health in our Crone years. We will also discuss our part in the Maiden’s Rites of Passage Ceremony and our own Crone’s Honoring Ritual.

2. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone, part 1
This is time to reflect and share our experiences of Cronehood and our love for our Wise Crone ways and bodies. Past menopause and into memorypause, we will tell our stories. A time to make a ritual Crone Broom will follow.

3. The Spirit Side of Being A Crone, part 2
Crones, come share another lunch with other Wise Crones. We will continue our plans for the Maiden's Rites of Passage and our own Crone's Honoring Ritual.

4. Honoring the Loss of an Unborn Child
Join us for a quiet honoring of the loss of an unborn child through miscarriage or abortion.

For Young Women

Kelly McRee

1. Young Womyns' Empowerment Circle young women who have begun their moon time
During our time together we will create a sacred space from which we will be able to nurture ourselves and each other, and safely discuss issues affecting young womyn in our culture. We will sew a moon pad together, and play with ways to claim your personal power through deepening your understanding and connection to your body's natural rhythms and their links to the cycles of the natural world.

Terri Jensen

1. Dragon Time for newly menstruating young women
Welcome maidens, to the Circle of Women! Join us in celebrating the beauty and strength of this phase of your life, the time of your bloods. We will explore ideas and feelings, hear stories, make things to care for ourselves and prepare for the Maiden' s Rites of Passage Ceremony to be held Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. Any young woman who would like to go through the Maiden Ceremony must attend this class.

Mid-kids ages 7-10

Jennifer Ketring

1. Crafting from the Sea: Seaweed Rattles

2. Creating Critter Habitats

3. Journaling & Paper Making

4. Playing with the Wind: Wind Socks & Bubble Wands

Siobhan Loughney

1. Fun With Feed Bags ages 7-10
We will cut, punch holes and sew pieces of colorful feed bags to create sit-a-pons and tote bags.

2. Learn To Spin With A Drop Spindle ages 9-13, Limited to 15 mid-kids
We will make a simple drop spindle and learn to spin wool.

Bibana Love

1. Magical Galium for mid-kids, adults welcome too!
We will unveil My Lady's Mystery of the Sweet-Scented Bedstraw! We will dance with the Sweet Woodruff Fairies and taste their fragrant May "Wine"! We will clearly see Cleavers' Silica Claws under our microscope! Our goal is to increase knowledge of the Galium Genus and to identify Galium species at Black Oak Ranch for the Plant List.

2. Yarrow the Queen of Protection for mid-kids adults welcome too!
Meet Yarrow - The ancient Regal Queen of Power and Destiny. We will drink of her Yarrow Tea and draw her Cloak of Protection around our shoulders. "A thousand creamy flowers, a thousand pungent leaflets, a thousand ways of healing." We will meet Queen Yarrow in the field, and share her strengthening aura, and see how she helps us with boundary setting.

Kelly McRee

1. Fairy-Tale Creatures with Needle Felting
Come and play with plant-dyed wool and fibers and create your own creature. What will you make? Will it be an animal, a fairy, a gnome, a plant? Let your imagination help you decide!

2. Mid-Kids Playshop
Let's play games! We will spend our time together playing group and team-building games. You will also learn some old hand clapping games.

Tabby Korhummel

1. Zumbatomic for Lil Starz
Come and dance with us. We’ll warm up and stretch, and learn some dance steps that our parents can watch (and maybe we can show it in the talent show). We might have some dance game time, we’d dance like an animal, play freeze-dance, and follow the dance leader. We might even play with silk scarves and a parachute!

Young Children

Early Morning Classes

Thia Ashonoah
  • Early Morning Yoga

Cho’Qosh Auh’ho’oh
  • Dance of Llife

Other Classes

Stargazer Li

1. Stargazing With Li, 1   all levels
Come gaze at the stars sparkling in the night sky. Learn to find your way around the sky and identify the spring constellations and brightest stars, and hear the stories associated with them. Li uses a greenlaser pointer to trace the constellations that makes it easy for everyone to see exactly which stars we’re looking at. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag for warmth and comfort.

2. Stargazing With Li, 2   all levels
This is a repeat. See Stargazing With Li, 1 for full description.


DeAnna Batdorff
  • Breast Health

Taica Patience
  • Keeping Sex Sacred and Alive all levels

Michelle Vesser
  • A Journey to Healing – Tracking Your Inner Landscape beginning