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Class Descriptions Session 1 • May 17-20, 2013

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Karen Aguiar & Terri Jensen 1. Beginning Herbal Medicine Making, The Old Hags' Way, part 1 beginning-intermediate
It is simple and empowering to make your own herbal medicine. We will cover the basics of solvents and measurements, and how to make high quality medicinal teas, tinctures, glycerites, infused oils, salves, and more.

2. Beginning Herbal Medicine Making, The Old Hags' Way, part 2 beginning-intermediate
We will continue. See part 1 for full description.

3. Making Potent Medicine, The Next Step: Using Solvents and Techniques Effectively intermediate/advanced
Are your medicine making techniques yielding the results that you want? We will discuss which solvents and techniques are most effective for extracting which plant constituents. Join us as we discuss what we love the most (besides NCWHS, of course), making potent herbal medicine. This class is for the experienced medicine maker.

Kathleen Aspenns

1. INTENSIVE: Creating Flower Essences beginning/intermediate
This experiential class will help you deepen your connection to Nature through exploring intuitive techniques and learning the inner and outer processes that go into creating a flower essence. We will be co-creating a flower essence in this class, and all participants will receive a bottle of essence to take home.

Flower Essences to Support Women intermediate/advanced
Women’s lives today have more pressures and demands than ever before. Finding balance in home life and at work while supporting parents, children and themselves - it’s no surprise many women feel pulled apart and exhausted. This class will discuss flower essences to help us find balance and support ourselves while we care for others.

Heather Bishop

1. INTENSIVE: Herbs, Meditation and Yoga through the Chakras beginning, all levels welcome
Join us as we take an experiential journey through our chakras. We will explore each one through herbs, yoga postures, meditations, and hands-on activities.

The first chakra is our connection to the Earth, our physical bodies and our individual consciousness. The second and third are our centers of creativity, sensuality, and strength. The fourth is our heart center, and the place of balance within our bodies and lives. The fifth is our center of self-expression. The sixth and seventh are our centers of intuition, spirituality and our connection with Universal Consciousness.

Corbin Brashear

1. Painting With Wool beginning to advanced
Needlefelt your favorite herbal ally or tree onto your clothing! Or a goddess, or anything else u dream up! We will be using a felting needle to paint with wool, creating a beautiful mini tapestry or patch for your clothing. A small piece of felt will be provided, or you can bring a sweater or fleece to embellish your design right into. Limited to 15 participants.

Revital Carroll

1. INTENSIVE: Sex & Vitality: Ancient Secrets for Optimal Health and Superb Sex all levels
In many Eastern traditions, a healthy and satisfying sex life is considered paramount for maintaining physical, mental and emotional well-being. Our vitality (chi, prana) is generated by our sex organs and circulated through our body to nourish all of our internal systems, thus maintaining optimal functioning and natural radiance. In this workshop we will explore the connection between health and sex as we delve into time-tested sexual cultivation practices. You will learn simple and effective ways to boost your immunity, activate your body’s healing power, and promote greater vitality utilizing your sexual energy.

2. Odissi - Indian Temple Dance all levels
Odissi is a form of tantric yoga-dance originating in the temples of ancient India. This class introduces the fundamental principles of Odissi Dance, including the basic positions, Chauka and Tribhangi, which represent the male and female principles. Curvaceous movements, sculptured poses, fluid grace, theatrical expression, and impeccable rhythm characterize this vibrant art. We will weave together an exciting practice that gets you glowing like a Goddess! The moves are playful, elegant, graceful, and sensual, and will make you look and feel amazing!

Heidi Hampe Carter


Eden Jamila Clearbrook

1. INTENSIVE: Returning To Wholeness: Womyn, Herbs and Sufism, parts 1 & 2 all levels
For Womyn who want to explore their health issues as an opportunity to become whole again.
Participants will be instructed in Sufi practices which facilitate the respectful, gentle and safe opening of the energetic heart , thus allowing the experience of unconditional love. We will travel through the subtle layers of the heart/soul towards our Divine alignment using powerful ancient sounds. Each woman will have the opportunity to share her experience and see herself reflected in her sisters—a powerful mirror. Deepening our journeying, we will offer our prayers and open to receive Unconditional Love, Understanding and ask for Guidance with regards to healing plants for specific individual use. Womyn in all states of health, including those with deep challenges, are encouraged to participate and receive the profound Love and Mercy that blesses all participants in unexpected, "custom fitted" and most generous ways. Limited to 15 participants

2. Massage Oil and Silky Moisturizing Creams Creation beginning
Remembering and practicing "Do No Harm" our Earth mother, our precious women lives and the 7th generation, we joyfully come together to create a deliciously scented, synthetic/additive- free botanical massage oil and a smooth and silky moisturizing cream. Using the finest organic, local and sustainably produced vegetable/seed oils, hydrosols and essential oils we will create lasting and beloved products for your daily skincare and for gifting. Eden will share many of her secrets, and we will have direct, hands-on engagements. And, Yes...we do practice some Spa treatments in the class! Each woman takes home a bottle of Organic Massage oil and a jar of Moisturizing cream and the knowledge and confidence to reproduce those successfully at home. Limited to 15 participants

Alice DiMicele

1. Song Catching
We will explore the art of songwriting and techniques for becoming an open channel.

2. Developing Resonance and Voice Care
Anyone can sing, but in order to really touch hearts one must develop resonance in the voice. The voice is a wind instrument that vibrates the whole body of both the singer and the listener. We will discuss the mechanics of this and the spiritual aspects as well. Voice care is very important. We will discuss specific herbs and remedies used for caring for your voice and ways to keep your voice healthy or develop health for your voice.

Kris Freewoman
1. One Billion Rising "Break the Chain" Flashmob Routine

Kathleen Gould and
Tawny Veschio

1. Creating a Successful and Profitable Herb Business, part 1

2. Creating a Successful and Profitable Herb Business, part 2

Kate Kaufman An Introduction to the Sacred Circle, Directions and Elements
When we circle, we call in the directions and elements. This class is a basic primer on why these universal concepts have been used all over the world and through time. You will enjoy participating in exploring the structure that helps us see our place in the cycles of life and within the Great Mystery. At the conclusion of the class, together we will cast a circle and call in the directions and elements so we can experience the power of this tradition with our new understanding.

Jill Leslie

1. Daily Rituals For a More Radiant And Vital You!
Something as basic as a daily routine is an exceptionally simple way to increase your energy and reduce stress. In fact, a daily routine can bring profound changes in body, mind, and consciousness. Quite simply, how you live your life, determines your experience of life.

The daily routine, in Ayurveda, called dinacharya, offers simple practices to sharpen your senses and your mind.When we have a calm mind and 'good sense' we make better choices.

In this class we will learn:

  • Oil Pulling : Detoxification and Dental Health
  • Abhyanga/ Self Massage- Elixir for Body & Mind
  • Tongue Scrapping - Strengthens Digestion, Improves Taste, Freshens Breath
  • Bedtime Elixir - Sleep Deep, Dream Sweet

2. Your Kitchen Pharmacy
The ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda has been widely using spices as medicine for 1000's of years. Spices not only add flavor to food, it also has the power to heal and help to restore balance in the body and the mind. You have quite a sophisticated pharmacopoeia in your own kitchen! Learn how to make spice blends and home remedies from spices already in your pantry. Learn which spices are essential in your kitchen wellness center.

3. Happy Healthy Sexy! Aphrodisiacs & Fertility & Ojas
Aphrodisiacs — those enticing substances that tickle the palate and whet the sexual appetite are more than sexual stimulants. While some fan the flames of desire and kick it into high gear, others gently arouse a lagging libido, provide nourishment for the body, calm the mind, and increase ojas. Learn how to stay juicy, nourish your reproductive system, and increase ojas!

3. Herbs & Essential Oils For Meditation
Come learn and experience the herbs and oils that are used to calm the mind, improve memory, sharpen intellect, increase your ability to respond to stress, and balance challenging emotions like anger and fear. We will pair and experience our plant allies with mediation and breathing techniques. Be prepared to steady your mind, heal your heart and relax into wholeness.

4. Living Ayurveda~ The Enchanting Journey Toward Balance
This introductory class explores the philosophy and history of Ayurveda. Ayurveda, is the original holistic health system, and is considered the most comprehensive approach to achieve optimum health. With a basic understanding and application of its principles you can truly make profound and lasting changes in your life. In this class you will discover the concepts of Dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Explore how to incorporate these concepts into your day to day awareness to achieve greater health, vitality, and well-being. Learn how, simply and naturally, through your diet and lifestyle.

Medea Leones Medcroft
1. Seed Saving for the Garden suitable for all levels of gardeners with limited experience of open pollinated seed saving
This well-rounded workshop is suitable for beginner and experienced Seed Savers. We will cover all you need to start (or step up!) saving the tastiest veggies from your garden. With a spotlight on the cross-pollinating plants such as the cucurbit family (squash, melons, cucumbers), which are pollinated by insects fluttering from flower to flower, while including the self-pollinators, such as the lovely tomato.

2. Low-Tech Cervical Screens: How to Keep Your Juicy Parts Juicy and healthy!
Being a woman brings many rites of passages, changes and responsibilities; including loving and taking good care of ourselves. One aspect of self-care that is often seen as a chore is gynecological health. What would it be like if tending of your most juicy and lovely parts were an empowering experience? PAP Smears are the gold standard for cancer screening in developed/resourced countries. In countries where technology/funding is not easily available, VIA (vinegar test) is an accessible alternative to laboratory-based tests. This class will provide information and hands-on techniques for low-tech pelvic exams and cervical cancer/abnormality screens used in low-resourced settings. In a safe and empowering setting, we will discus pelvic anatomy, learn how to do a basic pelvic exam on each other, including how a low-tech cervical screen is performed- its uses/limitations. If you are planning on living or traveling in a developing country, or wonder how you would take care of yourself after an apocalypse come join us.

Larissa Montfort

1. Women And The Drum
Larissa is excited to offer an all-level drum class which will cover basic technique and engaging rhythms. Bring your rattles, bells, frame and hand drums, and dancing feet.

Nancy Peregrine

1. Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Healing the Gut (and Everything Else) from the Ground Up
The GAPS program is a powerful but simple & specific approach to healing the GI tract, which can result in healing a wide range of neuropsychiatric manifestations, including autism, depression, anxiety, ADD & ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia and other conditions such as epilepsy, menstrual & menopausal issues, skin issues, and much more. Developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to heal her own autistic son, she now has trained practitioners world-wide, and people are in their kitchens, healing themselves from the ground up!

2. Histamine Intolerance: When Your Symptoms Baffle You
Histamine Intolerance (HIT) is a reactivity to histamines in foods & an inability to adequately break them down. Not well understood in this country, symptoms cover the spectrum from digestive to skin to cardiac to respiratory to reproductive, and more. Some clues: headaches with red wine, very severe period pains, feeling great (symptom-free) when pregnant. To confuse the issue, some of the worst-offender foods are considered to be our most healthy foods!

3. Lyme Disease: The New Great Imitator
Lyme disease is now the fastest growing infectious disease in the US. We are at high risk from ticks & other insects who transmit this infectious bacteria here in N. California. We all need heightened awareness & vigilance to prevent infection, since less than half of infected people even remember a tick bite, much less have a bullseye rash. Besides Lyme disease, a tickbite can transmit other infectious agents. Lyme is a politically-charged need to know more than most docs!


1. Aquae Vitae
The waters of life...well, we women know a thing or two about THAT! The waters in our wombs are sources of life, healing, growth, emotion, and change. Let's make waters for the outside world with all that magic, shall we? Three magical herbal baths will be shared in this class: Aqua Nigredo, the black water that washes away harm and creates protection, Aqua Albedo, a white bath that helps purify and nurture a wounded body/spirit, and Aqua Rubedo, a red bath to create life, fertility, and joie de vivre. Incantations muttered in Latin. Phases of the moon. Real, deep, old-fashioned women's witchery!

2. Herbs of the Ancestors
In this workshop, Rabbit will share historical and magical lore regarding funereal herbs, herbs used for preparing bodies for burial, herbs used to help create communication with those on the other side of the Veil, and herbal charms you might make to honor your own Ancestors. There will be a guided meditation and charm working as part of this workshop, so that each woman may connect with an ancestor or spirit guide for the purpose of creating healing in her own life. If you feel burdened by family history of addiction, genetic diseases, limitations on prosperity, legacies of suffering around slavery/witch burnings/Holocaust/war, religious persecution, or other painful karmas/attachments/anguish, this is a shamanic workshop designed to help you begin to heal those stories and build a more positive hope for the future. The plant allies have witnessed many pains and challenges of the human race, and they help us to transform our suffering so that we may be more joyful, responsible, forward-thinking stewards of the Earth.

3. Kirtan from the Heart
Open your heart and lift your voice in this workshop for the whole family! Yeshe Rabbit will lead the group in chanting and singing several enlivening and magic-making mantras, as well as teaching some of her original Goddess songs. This workshop will take us through a magical progression to align body, mind, and spirit. We’ll begin by centering with the sacred Om, proceed to clearing obstacles with Ganesh, and then move on, building to an ecstatic crescendo with several other chants dedicated to specific deities. Please be prepared to either sit up tall for easier singing, or to stand/dance for portions of this workshop if you wish.

4. In the Hut of Baba Yaga
Wise Crone? Evil Sorceress? Wicked Witch? Raging Granny? On the surface, Baba Yaga seems to embody the archetypal wicked one that gives witches a bad name! She’s ugly, mean, smells bad, scares children, and might even boil them up in Her cauldron and eat them, according to Her fairy tales. Yet, there is always more to the story. To those who dare to walk Her path, Baba Yaga gives an unflinching and powerful courage, a strong commitment to personal and collective integrity, and a deep acceptance of the natural processes of life, death, and rebirth. In this workshop, we will explore the mythic lore of Baba Yaga, trace the threads of Her stories and their symbolism through our own lives, and offer a ceremony to Her to ask for justice, protection, and healing. With Baba Yaga, we stand strong and acknowledge the blessings of life’s difficult lessons.

Beth Riedel, A.H.G., N.C. 1. An Herb Walk To Begin The Symposium, Led by the Local Plants, Facilitated by Beth Riedel beginning/intermediate
Come meet the local plants who so willingly share their world with us. We'll discuss ways to meet and greet and identify these amazing beings, as well as the many ways they care for us, both physically and spiritually.

2. Habitat Exploring beginning/intermediate
We'll look specifically at the different mini-ecosystems to see what plants live where and how this information can help us understand how they can help us to care for our bodies. Come and be taught by the plants.

Christa Sinadinos

1. Herbal Support for Hypothyroidism, part 1 advanced

2. Herbal Support for Hypothyroidism, part 2 advanced

3. Strategies for Treating Blood Sugar Disorders, part 1 advanced

4. Strategies for Treating Blood Sugar Disorders, part 2 advanced

Katolen Yardley, MNIMH Medical Herbalist

1. Celiac Disease (and the Gluten Sensitivity Spectrum) and Herbal Medicine
for Digestive Healing, part 1

2. Celiac Disease (and the Gluten Sensitivity Spectrum) and Herbal Medicine
for Digestive Healing, part 2

3. Herbs for Babies and Children, part 1 beginning/intermediate

4. Herbs for Babies and Children, part 2 beginning/intermediate

Specialty Classes


High Crone Jill

1. Loving Life After Menopause
Crones, come share lunch with other Wise Crones. We will discuss loving life after menopause, finding joy, appreciation, and health in our Crone years. We will also discuss our part in the Maiden’s Rites of Passage Ceremony and our own Crone’s Honoring Ritual.

2. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone, part 1
This is time to reflect and share our experiences of Cronehood and our love for our Wise Crone ways and bodies. Past menopause and into memorypause, we will tell our stories. A time to make a ritual Crone Broom will follow.

3. The Spirit Side of Being A Crone, part 2
Crones, come share another lunch with other Wise Crones. We will continue our plans for the Maiden's Rites of Passage and our own Crone's Honoring Ritual.

4. Honoring the Loss of an Unborn Child
Join us for a quiet honoring of the loss of an unborn child through miscarriage or abortion.

For Young Women

Corbin Brashear

1. Painting With Wool young women, ages 12-19
Needlefelt your favorite herbal ally or tree onto your clothing! Or a goddess, or anything else u dream up! We will be using a felting needle to paint with wool, creating a beautiful mini tapestry or patch for your clothing. A small piece of felt will be provided, or you can bring a sweater or fleece to embellish your design right into. Limited to 15 participants.

Heidi Hampe Carter


Terri Jensen

1. Dragon Time for newly menstruating young women
Welcome maidens, to the Circle of Women! Join us in celebrating the beauty and strength of this phase of your life, the time of your bloods. We will explore ideas and feelings, hear stories, make things to care for ourselves and prepare for the Maiden' s Rites of Passage Ceremony to be held Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. Any young woman who would like to go through the Maiden Ceremony must attend this class.

Mid-kids ages 7-10

Lauren Ari 1. Clay!
Come play and investigate all the wonderful things that clay can do. Let’s make a candle stick or fairy house or your own bowl and cup. We can adventure down to the river and dig for clay. We will have lots of stamps and many things to create texture with, and we will have a great time playing with mother earth’s mud! So join us in getting messy with clay.

Kate Kaufman Why We Circle and the Birth of the Great Mother Goddess for mid-kids, ages 7-10
Our ancient ancestors connected the cycles of life and the rich, productive Earth with the observable fact that we women give life and nurture children with our bodies. They saw the creator of the world as the Great Mother Goddess and understand the power and beauty of the female body. Through looking at ancient Goddess figures and holy sites we can see the magic that women brought to the community. We will discuss the power and beauty of the female figure as a symbol of life itself and then use natural clay, feathers and beads to create our own Goddess figure.

Amber Young & Kem White


Corbin Brashear

1. Wild and Wooly Turtles, part 1
Create your very own cuddly turtle in this fun and easy fiber arts workshop. We will explore the techniques of needlefelting, a dry method of felting which uses a special needle, loose wool and a foam surface to create whimsical 3 dimensional sculptures. class is limited to the first 15 participants

2. Wild and Wooly Turtles, part 2
We will continue. See part 1 for full description

Young Children

Chelsea Terrell

1. Singing With The Children, 1    for mamas, aunties, and children under 6
Bring the little ones each day and enjoy a morning of music and movement in nature! We'll sing songs, play finger games and move our bodies! We  will sing songs about food, nature, moving, and animals.  Please come prepared to dance!  The class will vary slightly each morning, but have many similar songs that the children will remember.  This class is intended for children under 6 to enjoy WITH an adult companion. This is not a drop off class for children under 6.

2. Singing With the Children, 2
This class repeats, see Singing With the Children, 1  for full description.

3. Singing With the Children, 3
This class repeats, see Singing With the Children, 1  for full description.

Early Morning Classes


Other Classes

Stargazer Li

1. Stargazing With Li, 1   all levels
Come gaze at the stars sparkling in the night sky. Learn to find your way around the sky and identify the spring constellations and brightest stars, and hear the stories associated with them. Li uses a greenlaser pointer to trace the constellations that makes it easy for everyone to see exactly which stars we’re looking at. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag for warmth and comfort.

2. Stargazing With Li, 2   all levels
This is a repeat. See Stargazing With Li, 1 for full description.


Kathleen Aspenns
  • Creating Flower Essences beginning/intermediate

Heather Bishop
  • Herbs, Meditation and Yoga through the Chakras beginning/intermediate

Eden Jamila Clearbrook
  • Returning To Wholeness: Womyn, Herbs And Sufism, part 1 all levels

Revital Carroll
  • Sex & Vitality: Ancient Secrets For Optimal Health And Superb Sex all levels