Greetings Sistas,

What an uncertain time!
We hope that you and your family are staying well and finding your way. We are watching this situation closely and staying on top of how it could affect Symposium.

Since it is more than two months before the spring sessions begin, and so much could happen in that time, we are continuing with preparations to hold all three 2020 sessions, as planned.

We are powering our energies and prayers in this direction and with yours added in, our strength is a thousand-fold! We will stay in touch and let you know if anything needs to change. Sisters gathering together this year will be more important and healing then ever. We can't wait to gather with you!

Check out this website for helpful information.

See you in the Sista Circle!
Sending so much Love and Support,
Terri, Gwen, Kelly and Lindsey from Wellness