Sending you so much gratitude for all the creative and inspirational energy and just plain old hard word that you put into creating these magnificent gatherings for all these years. The world is a far better place because of the two of you and your drive to see these symposia happen for the benefit of so many women of all ages and stages. Bless you dear ONES!!
♥  Maralee

THANKYOU for such a great weekend!!!! Highlight of the year for sure!

Last year was my first, it was such a terrific experience... I think one of the most empowering things I have ever done as a woman.

I feel enriched, nourished, strengthened and grounded.
Thank you so much!

I found such a beautiful event, filled with much love and gratitude, sweetness, and reverence.
Thank you.
Thank you dear women.

The Symposium is one of the most valuable and inspiring events that I have ever attended. It is something truly special that I look forward to every year. In my community I have plenty of girlfriends, but it is truly a gift to be able to unite with so many sisters who share the same life values, creativity, health-consciousness and sa with me, through the opportunity to attend Symposium. I am so so so grateful for such a beautiful event!

I just wanted to thank you again for facilitating such a healing space for us all.

I enjoyed my first time at the Women's Herbal Symposium last weekend...WOWSIES!  What a magical, healing, reviving, educational, relaxing time. Coming with no expectation, you can imagine how blown my mind was on many levels (no men, that was interesting, and awesome!!!).
Still high as a kite from a life-altering weekend...THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for an amazing transformational weekend! I will definitely be back!

Thanks for all you do!!! It is magic!

Thank you for the NCWHS session 2!  I just came back and am inspired, reflective and full of fire! ……..
Thank you again for the conference, it is always life changing

Hi wonderful organizers,
We had an AMAZING time with you last weekend. My daughter's and my first symposium did not disappoint!

I Love Symposium!

Thanks for all you do and have done in creating this wonderful sharing opportunity of the camps.  It is the place where I feel the most relaxed and fed spiritually and physically and emotionally all year.

Thank you ladies so much for all that you do for us women. Like all the other women who come gather at NCWHS, it is a deeply treasured part of each year for me. I am eternally grateful to you both and all the other amazing ladies that make this possible.
With love and celebration,

You all watched over me like Angels and I will never forget the loving kindness you showed to a complete stranger. Your gatherings are what this world is really all about. Its not just a happening....It's a necessity!!
See you next year!
Love always,

I am very much looking forward to returning to this wonderful gathering as it has been several years since I attended, and I need to have my heart & spirit recharged by all the amazing woman energy and inspiration. Thank you for all you do. You have touched so many lives and made a positive change to the planet.

As always – Looking forward to another great summer at NCWHS! Love it!

I have attended the symposium four times over the past six years and have loved it every time. I have returned home with so much joy and wisdom from the classes, the land, and the women of the symposium who share so much outside of the 'formal' events of the weekend (not to mention inspiration and joy from the delicious food, and the marketplace, and the talent show, and....!)

Dear Ladies,
Last year was my first symposium and I had the most lovely time ever. Blessings to you Lovely Goddesses for putting this together for the women in our community.

I would like to thank you first off for all that you continue to offer my daughter and I. What a rich place/space of healing and growing you provide for us both and for so many women!!!

…to be in the Crones circle at the symposium feels like a deeply meaningful community ritual. As always thank you both for creating such a rich and sacred container.

Really excited to come back to my roots after several years of being away! Been coming since I was 9 (18 years ago!) Yay womyn of the earth!!

I am just so excited to come back this year and revel in the love and magic once more! I am bringing many girlfriends this time, and can’t wait to share the mighty gem of the NCWHS with them!

I just ran into Robin down in Baja Mexico.... we met at herbal a few years ago in the kitchen..... So fun to feel the family of sisters growing through my life. Thank you for all you work!!!! See you in May!

I’m looking forward to soaking up lots of sisterhood & knowledge. I’m so excited to sleep under the stars, swim & reclaim a bit of myself that gets overshadowed as a mama. (Also can’t wait to share this with my daughter as she grows older – what a gift!)

I attended the last session of symposium and it was amazing!  Thank you so much for all the work you put into this amazing conference!

Thank you so much for helping to create such an amazing space for women to honor one another.

I attended the last session of symposium and it was amazing!  Thank you so much for all the work you put into this amazing conference!

Symposium brought some positive changes to our family!

Hi Terry and Karen!!
I had such a wonderful time at session 2 and want to thank you so much for all the time and love you put into the symposium so that we can all come and get charged up for another year!!!   ………
Again thank you for your time and all the magic you bring!!
Kind regards,

Hi Karen and Terri,
I had a wonderful time at the symposium.  Thank you for your warmth and support.  Just incredible to share with this huge, sophisticated group of nature loving women.  Yeeeehaw! ....... Thank you for your vision and dedication.  The dream of the symposium lives in me now.

Thank you for an incredible weekend! My daughter and I are deeply inspired and full of sacred songs!

Thanks so much for the wonderful time at the symposium. I really enjoyed myself, and was delighted to contribute to the rich conversation you all have created over generations now. It's very nourishing to feel that. And the people, the place, the plants, my, my!

Hi Terry and Karen!!
I had such a wonderful time at session 2 and want to thank you so much for all the time and love you put into the symposium so that we can all come and get charged up for another year!!!

Dear Karen and Terri,
I wanted to let you know what a profound experience it was to come and teach at the herbal symposium at the end of May.  I knew I was in for a healing journey when I left, but I really had no idea what a beautiful scene would be awaiting me.  To be able to teach there was one of the greatest honors of my life, truly.  Thank you for affording me and so many hundreds of women and children such a beautiful glimpse at what our society could look like.

I look forward to supporting your good work in the future in any way that I can.  I have been telling all my close women friends that there is a place in CA where you can go and all the women look at you with love and kindness, and that this shift in perspective, of how you are seen, is one of the most powerful forms of medicine that there is.

I am half way through my lavender harvest and distillation season, and as I work the still I waft some of the enchantment down to your good souls.
Know you are loved,

I truly appreciate the tremendous work you and the other women who help with NCWHS do that benefits so many. My daughter Leila and I had such a wonderful time in May! I personally experienced a profound healing that is still transforming my health radically.

Last year I had a powerfully transformational experience and met some amazing instructors, especially Anya Tyutyunik, who have become healers and teachers to me. It was so nourishing to connect with such powerful women on a medicine path, and create relationships professionally & spiritually.

Thank you again for an amazing Memorial day weekend with some of my favorite people!  What a fantastic opportunity to learn, love and grow together.

I thank you again for reaching out and for all you do to create this powerful life affirming event.

Thank you for creating this amazing space for us! My daughter and I had a wonderful time last year at NCWHS!! J We are, with happy enthusiasm, joining you again this year!

Y’all are so loved and appreciated. I am so grateful for NCWHS…. wonderful, amazing womym… plant medicine, wisdom, community, love, support….. Thank you. Thank you.

Dear Karen and Terri,
Thank you so much for another wonderful women’s Herb Camp. We so very much appreciate all that you two do to create our home away from home – every year. We Love you!

HI Terri & Karen!
So looking forward to another gathering of amazing women & kiddos!
Much love,

So looking forward to being part of the wise women magic!

It has meant so much to me these last 2 years. I wanted to say thank you again and let you know how incredibly grateful I am for this magical community you have nurtured. It has definitely encouraged, supported and inspired by direction towards birth work and midwifery!
Many green blessings

I hope to join you at the Symposium and I would truly love to be more allied with the bright, beautiful hearts and minds in the NCWHS community.
With respect,

It is so wonderful to get an invitation to be apart of this remarkable event!

Dear Karen and Terri,
I simply wish to express my whole-hearted gratitude for this event, all the time, effort and energy you personally put forth, as well as all the other outrageously fabulous women who bring it all together. This event is so special, magical, healing & powerful. I am so happy to get to be on the Black Oak Ranch, celebrating the Divine Feminine with all women! Thank-you for all you have done, and continue to do. You are bright & beautiful women!
Much love,

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