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How it Works

When you submit your online registration a spot will automatically be held for you. You will be prompted to make an online payment or to mail in a check or money order within five days to NCWHS P.O. Box 28 Graton, CA 95444. There is a processing fee of 3% if you pay by credit card and no extra fee for check or money order. You will then receive an email confirming your online registration.

  • Regular Registrant: $490 - $590 sliding scale
  • Crone 60 & over, if needed: $350-$400 sliding scale (limited reduced rates available)
  • Young womyn, ages 12-20: $175-$200 sliding scale (limited reduced rates available)
  • Children, ages 19 months - 11 years: $60-$100 sliding scale
  • Infants, 0-18 months: no charge
  • Work Exchange, $150, register online and also complete the application
  • Scholarship, register online and also complete the application, limited number available with preference to women unable to participate in work exchange due to medical reasons
  • Women Of Color Scholarship, register online, no application needed

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel: 

If you cancel before May 1st for Sessions 1 & 2 and before August 1st for Session 3, your full registration fee will be refunded minus a $25.00 processing fee.

All requests for refunds must be in writing. No exceptions. Email is sufficient.

There are no cancelations, refunds, or transfers after May 1st for Sessions 1 & 2 and August 1st for Session 3.

If you need to cancel after these dates you are welcome to find your own replacement and work out the finances directly with her. Then let us know, in writing, who will be coming in your place.

If we cancel:

NCWHS has full intentions of holding each Session rain or shine.

However, in the event that we are forced to cancel before May 10th for Sessions 1 & 2 or before August 10th for Session 3, we will refund as much of the registration fee as possible, to be determined at that time. If it becomes necessary to cancel after these dates we may be unable to refund any of the registration fee.

ASL interpretation is available upon request with advanced notice.

*Please Note:

This year we we will continue the practice of using wristbands. Everyone will be expected to wear her wristband all weekend and anyone found without one, will be asked to leave. To honor ourselves, each other, the kitchen and the organizers it has become necessary to monitor in such a way. Thank you for understanding.

Can I attend for just one day? Click here for the answer.

We will gather at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, California. (Mendocino County)

Women of Color Rising

Sisters Honoring Sisters at NCWHS

Since 1991,  NCWHS has been creating space to celebrate womanhood through reclaiming women’s sacred wisdom, ritual, and herbal knowledge predominantly in the Western European traditions. From the beginning, NCWHS has included women from many different traditions, although the majority attending have generally been of European heritage. In 2019, we began an open conversation about race led by Holly Calica of Nueva Luna Wellness. And, that work continues. Just as we—as women—have been intentional about creating space for ourselves to come together and heal, in 2023, we came together again to create intentional space for women of color within the Symposium, a safe space within a safe space.

We are excited to continue to deepen our awareness of how we all can best support racial and ethnic diversity and belonging for all members of our community for this year and in the subsequent years to come.

A  deep bow of Gratitude to Aya de Leon, Shereel Washington, Naomi Stein, and Susannah Mackintosh for creating and leading us in this effort.

In our efforts to be more welcoming to women from diverse cultural backgrounds we will do the following.

Session 2 & 3

Have Courageous Conversations around Race, Ethnicity, and Belonging at NCWHS during our Open Forum to which all are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Have classes that are culturally specific and led by Women of Color

Support Women of Color gathering in supportive spaces on the grounds as a way to network and provide support to other Women of Color that are attending

All Sessions

We will hold a class geared for white women titled: Hey White People Let’s Talk About Race.