Classes Session 1 • May 19-22, 2023

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You must complete part 1 to participate in part 2, but it's ok to attend just part 1 if desired. 

Calling all Jewish* sisters!  Many years we have informally gathered to celebrate Shabbat.  This year we are announcing in advance that we are creating a special place for us to meet one another,  to talk about connecting our practices (Judaism and Herbalism), to celebrate Shabbat and Havdalah.  Enter the circle outside the Wellness Tent.


Young Women

Mid Kids

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Early Morning Classes


1. Deeper Trust, Intimacy and Community Building Through Repair - Amber Young

2. Lymphatic Breast Health - DeAnna Batdorff  

3. Intensive: Nutritional, Herbal, and Lifestyle Support To Balance and Optimize Blood Sugar Balance - Mary Sheila Gonnella, BCHN

4. Vital Child: Herbal Wisdom to Support Children’s Health and Well-being  all levels - Penelope Sullivan  

5. Felted Hats -  Sara Gibson  

Women of Color Rising: Intentional Space for Women Of Color at NCWHS

Since 1991,  NCWHS has been creating space to celebrate womanhood through reclaiming women’s sacred wisdom, ritual, and herbal knowledge predominantly in the Western European traditions. From the beginning, NCWHS has included women from many different traditions, although the majority attending have generally been of European heritage. In 2019, we began an open conversation about race, and that work continues. Just as we—as women—have created intentional space for ourselves to come together and heal, in 2023, we will be creating intentional space for women of color within the Symposium, a safe space within a safe space, and are excited to deepen our awareness of how we all can best support racial and ethnic diversity, inclusion and belonging for all members of our community.

A  deep bow of Gratitude to Aya de Leon, Shereel Washington, Naomi Stein, and Susannah Mackintosh for creating and leading us in this.

Anti-Jewish sentiment and hate crimes are at an all time high in the U.S. NCWHS is a safe space for all women and will be creating a safe space within the safe space for all Jewish women to come together for Shabbat and Havdalah rituals, as well as classes to learn and share cultural plant knowledge. Jewish women of all levels of knowledge and connection to the community are warmly welcome to all events. Any woman wanting to learn more about Jewish cultures are welcome to join us for the classes and the Havdalah rituals on Saturday nights (Shabbat will be specifically for Jewish women to meet and connect).

In our efforts to be more welcoming and inclusive to women from diverse backgrounds this year we will doing the following.

At Session 2

We will have designated space for women of color (WOC).

Throughout the weekend, WOC can opt-in to a WOC only camping area and a WOC eating area.

WOC are also invited to come in early, on Thursday May 25,  to ground together on the land before Symposium opens  (WOC please email us if you'd like to do this at:

We will also have a panel/workshop titled: Sprouting Liberation: Courageous Conversations around Race, Ethnicity, and Belonging at NCWHS  to which all are welcome and encouraged to attend!

At Both Session 1 and Session 2

There will be a ritual and sharing space for Jewish women during Shabbat and Havdalah on Saturday afternoon.