Thank you for your interest in our Work Exchange program.

Work Exchange is an enjoyable and important program for NCWHS. It not only provides financial assistance, it also provides an enthusiastic and fun work force for the Symposium. The many tasks accomplished by Work Exchangers ensure the smooth running of the event and we greatly appreciate and depend on each worker!

All Work Exchangers must submit an application. 

The questions on the application help us to place you in an appropriate job. All jobs differ in time and skill required. Please answer questions accurately so that you are placed appropriately.

We will contact you by email sometime during the months of July or August with your job assignment and all the details you will need.

Please Note

  • No work exchange jobs can be assigned without this application. 
  • Job assignments are considered in the order that the application is sent in to us (by post mark or email date), not by the date the applicant registers. 
  • Work Exchangers work a minimum of 12 hours throughout the weekend and reduce their registration fee.
  • Work times depend on the particular job assignment. Details will be provided with confirmation.
  • There will be a Work Exchange meeting for all workers on the day the session opens, you must attend this meeting (unless prior arrangements are made with us ahead of time).