Dakota's Walk to the Northern CaliforniaWomen's Herbal Symposium

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Dakota's is Walk to the Symposium is A fundraiser!

Follow her journey on this Blog. Below you will find a button to pledge your donation in support and admiration of Dakota's walk to benefit the NCWHS.


August 29, 11am-? Walk to Symposium will be passing through Fort Bragg, walking along the coastal trail as far as it goes. Women, men and children are WELCOME TO JOIN US! Call/text Dakota for more information: 906-250-3771


Please Contact Media: Links

By Dakota She'haman | 08/24/2022

I have contacted Northern California Public Media about this effort,…

This walk, 165 miles from Sebastopol to the Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, has many intentions:

  • It is a symbolic return to the motherland of the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, after 3 trying years. 
  • It is a demonstration of the human capacity to empower ourselves—evolving into a sustainable future. 
  • It is a means of relating to the many species of animals who navigate our intricate and dangerous roadways. 
  • it is a means of processing the suicide of a very dear young man, who grew up with my own boys as well as an opportunity to offer solace to his mother, one of my oldest, closest friends. Cedar took his life on a beach north of Fort Bragg, the day before I started this walk. 
  • Perhaps most of all (I realize since starting), this walk is a personal practice of engaging with, and offering inspiration to, all beings I connect with—this is my joy. 
To make the most of this effort, please contact your local news hub and ask them to cover the story. If enough people do, they will.
There will be a walking party through Fort Bragg along the coastal trail, starting at 8am on August 28. There will be another one on the last stretch from Laytonville to Black Oak Ranch. Men, women, gender-free, and children are all welcome to join the parades (and any part of the walk—except maybe the last stretch. That will probably be women only)!!!
Aurora, from the East Bay is planning to walk me from Mendocino. Big thanks to Athena Redwood and Copperwoman for receiving and uploading these posts!

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