Trinity Ava

1. Herbal Skin Care for the 21st Century
Come and pamper yourself with delicious and healing herbal therapeutics.
We will spend our time together creating delicious and skin nourishing herbal treats. Come prepared to create a spa like experience and be deeply nourished, oily, herbacious and beautiful. We will make and apply a variety of skin food during class including; clay facial masks with hydrosol, cooling herbal body mask, soothing facial serums,  and more.  21st Century Herbal Skin Care is intended to offer an exploration of time tested herbal wisdom merged with modern knowledge of essential oils, hydrosols, infused oils, and globally renowned  oils such as Tamanu and Neem oil. We will demystify some current skin care trends; learn about beneficial herbal skin food, and the benefits of feeding the skin.  We will discuss simple and effective topical protocols for home and family use for the health of our skin and planet.
2. Safe And Effective Use of Essential Oils for Home and Family
Are you an aroma enthousiast? Trinity is! For over 20 years she has studied, practiced and offered education about the safe use of Essential oils for home and family care. In this class we will discuss:
  • Essential oil safety practices
  • Topical applications
  • Safe use with children
  • When not to use essential oils
  • We will get chatty about lavender, tea tree and rose geranium and their hydrosols to help address:
  • Colds and the flu
  • Fungal challenges
  • Herpes
  • Lice
  • Dandruff
  • Minor first aid
You will leave feeling giddy and annointed by aromatic treasures.

DeAnna Batdorff

1. INTENSIVE: Breast Health And Immunity, The River of Life     all levels
The lymphatic system is called Rasa in Sanskrit, meaning the river of life. Keeping this river flowing allows our tissues to receive nourishment, which is the secret to being and looking healthy. Our lymph fluids allow hormones to get from one endocrine gland to another and play an important role in our reproductive health. The lymphatic system is also called the Immune system, which we all know is important for fighting foreign invaders and staying healthy. There will be demonstrations on how to map the lymphatic system in your body with an emphasis on breast health. There will be time for Q &A about our breasts and immunity, massage assessments for experiential learning & what tools can support change and prevent diseases. Students will leave having a clear understanding of the lymph system and how to keep it and their breasts healthy.
*Breast Checks will be continued throughout the Symposium weekends. “There is strength in a river that is flowing”

2. Ayurveda, The Science of Knowing Self: Essentials for Health
Our whole body is a map to health and shows us imbalances through physical and emotional symptoms. Do you know what your body is trying to tell you? The ancient Northern Indian system of Ayurveda can guide you to understand your body through the elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Learn to assess the face, tongue, skin, and more through symptoms that are Cold, Dry, Hot or Wet in nature.

Ilene Cristdahl, ND, LAc

1. The Maiden, Mother and Crone — Supporting Women Through All Phases of Their Life, part 1   all/intermediate

2. The Maiden, Mother and Crone — Supporting Women Through All Phases of Their Life, part 2   all/intermediate

3. Vaccination Concerns for Today's Parents   all levels

Jill Cunninghis

1. Mandala Making   all levels
Mandala is Sanskrit for “circle.” It is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. Mandalas often exhibit radial balance. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be used to focus attention and as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction. In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe. Join us as we create, in community, a large scale mandala using beans, nuts, legumes, leaves, and other found natural materials.

Laine Demetria, MS, LMFT

1. Cannabis Harm Reduction (taught with Sheba Love)
Harm Reduction means simply making positive change in your life. How does it apply to Cannabis?
In this class we will look at three main topics:

  • Harm reduction TO Cannabis: How is this ancient healing plant maligned, devalued and held in disdain even today in 2015?
  • Harm Reduction FROM Cannabis: Misuse and Abuse of Cannabis: How is this plant harming people or rather, in what ways are people addicted, abusing and habituated to cannabis use. Is Cannabis addictive? We will debunk the myths and review the current research.
  • Harm Reduction WITH Cannabis: How is Cannabis used to help patients reduce harm to themselves, their family and community? How can Cannabis be helpful in altering the use pattern of substances that might be problematic? We'll take a medical cannabis-friendly stance to support those with substance use and misuse issues.

2. The Alphabet Soup of Self-Care: NVC, EFT and Tapping for Personal and Community Transformation, part 1   beginning/intermediate
How do we stay whole and balanced in a dynamic world that at times feels like it’s crumbling and crazy? How do we let go, regain center and stay the course as social change agents, as stewards of the earth, as moms, partners and professional healers? This class will offer techniques for self-empathy and empathy of others, for transforming negative self-talk, body-based trauma, physical and emotional pain.

3. The Alphabet Soup of Self-Care: NVC, EFT and Tapping for Personal and Community Transformation, part 2   beginning/intermediate
We will continue. See part 1 for full description

Porter DuMar Dinehart

1. Living Trust / Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, Part 1 - Living Trust
Let’s face it, are we all prepared for our future and that of or family members? Porter wasn’t but she’s glad she is now.

When her stepfather died there was a Will, not a Trust and she and her brother, along with 6 step siblings ended up in Probate Court for two long years! It was a battle with attorneys sucking money up left and right. Porter swore not to put her family through this EVER. So out of a drive to never again visit probate court, She put her head back into the books and with the assistance of some attorney friends, created the EmPowerment Project.  Porter learned the ins and outs of Living Trusts and what it entails.

What Is a Living Trust?

A living trust provides lifetime and after-death property management. If you are serving as your own trustee, the trust instrument will provide for a successor upon your death or incapacity. Court intervention is not required. Livings trusts also are used to manage property. If a person is disabled by accident or illness, the successor trustee can manage the trust property. As a result, the expense, publicity, and inconvenience of court-supervised distribution of your estate can be avoided

If a living trust is properly written and funded you can:

  • Avoid probate on your assets
  • Plan for the possibility of your own incapacity
  • Control what happens to your property after you are gone
  • Use it for any size estate; and
  • Prevent your financial affairs from becoming a matter of public record

Most importantly, however, a living trust is useless unless it is funded. A living trust only can control those assets that have been placed into it. If your assets have not been transferred or if you die without funding the trust, the trust will be of no benefit as your estate will still be subject to probate and there may be significant estate tax issues.

This workshop will go over the basic properties of a living trust, in a simplistic fashion. Porter will go over the outline of her own trust so those attending will be able to see how it all works.

2. Living Trust / Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, Part 2 -  Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

The second part will cover what a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care is. Attendees will be given an actual packet to be filled out so they will take away their finished product, ready for use in case of any medical issue.

California Advance Directives:
Legal Documents to assure future Health Care Choices

We will go over the entire packet. Everyone will have a clear understanding of the California law, which recognizes 2 types of advance directives.

  1. A Declaration (Living Will)
  2. A Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

Some of the questions covered will be:

  • Do I have to have an Advance Directive?
  • What will happen if I don’t make an Advance Directive?
  • How do I know what treatment I want?
  • Whom shall I talk to about Advance Directives?
  • When do Advance Directives go into effect?
  • How will health care providers know if I have any Advance Directives?
  • Will my Advance Directive be followed?
  • Can I change my mind after I write my Advance Directive?
  • Do I need a lawyer to help me with an Advance Directive?

All these questions and more will be covered.

Lynda Emashowski

1. The Sacred Fire   all levels
Creating sacred space through conscious fire tending. Experience matchless fire starting and become a member of the fire devas. Establish an intimate relationship with this powerful elemental. Holding the central fire is an act of service, a source of healing and a teacher of awareness.

2. Addiction, My friend, My Foe, Oh No!, part 1   all levels
Explore the voices of addiction, its nature and power. Learn your herbal allies who aid to release you from self destructive habits. all levels

3. Addiction, My friend, My Foe, Oh No!, part 2   all levels
Decide/Commit/Act. Participate in a releasing/ healing ritual to disengage from the affair with your addiction. All addictions welcome. This experience begins on time.

Felicia Ferruzza, L.Ac.

1. Chinese Herbs for Women’s Health, part 1    intermediate
Exemplar Formula: Si Wu Tang. “4 substances decoction.” This graceful and elegant formula is the foundation for many women’s formulas to nourish the blood and qi as well as strengthen the liver and kidneys: two of the main organ systems to focus on for women’s health.

  • Shu di huang: Rehmannia root
  • Dang gui: Angelica sinensis
  • Bai shao: White peony root
  • Chaun xiong: Cnidium bark

Discuss, taste, touch, and smell the bulk herbs and tea and learn also about how to use some of the herbs for medicinal cooking. Please bring your mug!

2. Chinese Herbs for Women's Health, part 2   intermediate
We will continue. See part 1 for full description.

Aimee McConneloug

1. Exploring Energetic Boundaries Mindfully, part 1
The intention of this class is to find new ways to be in healthy relationship with others without loosing our connection to ourselves. We will explore how to notice the clues of our body/ mind wisdom to give us chances to re-imprint healthy boundaries. We will craft a personal medicine bag that holds our intentions and we will learn various plant energetics that support protection and boundaries.

2. Exploring Energetic Boundaries Mindfully, part 2
We will continue. See part 1 for full description.

3. Smudging Medicines that Purify and Protect
Do you wish to know how to clear energy and not take on other people’s energetics? We will explore some traditional native clearing and purification smudging medicines. We will get to know our plant allies sage, cedar, angelica root and more. How to use them, their importance,and what they can do to help us.

Larissa Montfort

1. Dundun Dance   all levels
Drum while you dance, dance while you drum. This class combines the beauty of West African dance with the exciting, high energy of stick drumming. We will learn Kuku, a women's fishing dance from Guinea. 15 drums will be provided. Conga drums can also be used.

2. Women And The Drum, 1   all levels
Bring your playful drumming spirit to this all level drum class. We will review basic drum technique and learn rhythms and songs from West Africa. Bring your hand or stick drums and percussion instruments such as shakers and bells. There will be a few extra drums to share. Let's drum up some magic!

3. Women And The Drum, 2   all levels
see above for description

Heather O'Connell

1. INTENSIVE: Being in Shamanic Relationship    all levels
In this class we’ll explore what being in shamanic relationship means and experience various shamanic drum journeys and exercises in a group setting that we can apply to our spiritual practice for guidance, connection and enhanced well-being. We can expect to gain a better understanding of how we can apply shamanism and shamanic practice to our life experientially through the practice of shamanic journeying. There will be some explaining of the principals of how one can practice being in shamanic relationship and then we'll move into the journey itself by experiencing various plant & tree spirit journeys. Spirit journeys provide us with an opportunity to consciously work in partnership with our helping spirits and allies to maintain balance and harmony within ourselves and our relationships with other humans, plants, animals & the elements.

2. Tree Spirit Medicine    all levels
In this class we'll begin by going over the basics of the shamanic drum journey (portals, worlds, percussion, navigation, etc.) and then we'll move into the experience of the shamanic drum journey itself. We'll explore and experience tree meditation exercises one can practice in their daily life as a means of being in conscious relationship with our tree allies. We'll also experience a series of tree spirit journeys including a journey to our beloved Redwood. Spirit Journeys are an ancient practice used by our ancestors to identify a Tree's energetic and medicinal attributes. The practice of journeying gives us a tool to communicate with the spirit that exists within all things by accessing the theta state by means of percussion.

Melissa Patterson, ND

1. Bugs In the Gut, AKA Dysbiosis    intermediate
Our GI tract has all sorts of bugs that live in them, some of them beneficial, yet others not so much and can cause many difficult symptoms over long periods of time. This class will talk about the not so beneficial "bugs" that can cause havoc and how to eradicate them with herbs and food. We will talk about common parasites, yeast and bacteria and treatment perspectives. Also, we will talk about some of the more difficult "bugs" to treat and how to treat them as well.

2. How Trauma Affects the Body and What You Can Do About It Utilizing Herbs, Flower Essences and Awareness, part 1    all levels
This class will delve into understanding and working with trauma on many levels. We will begin by discussing how trauma affects our psyches and emotional body and the role that the psyche plays in helping us protect ourselves in acute trauma and the negative chronic effects that can happen from it. Diving into the science behind mind-body medicine, (i.e. psychoneuroimmunology) will help you to understand traumas affects on the direct aspects of the physiology and energy of the body. We will then spend a considerable amount of time discussing the many plant allies that can help us navigate and heal trauma. This will include an overview of nervine herbs, herbs for the adrenals and other glands which can be affected by trauma, and other tonifiers that help balance the body when dealing with both acute and chronic trauma. We will also discuss how flower essences help with trauma. Lastly, simple (yet powerful) somatic/mindful awareness practices will be introduced. The intention of this class will be for you to be able to more fully support yourself, those that you love and those in your practice who have suffered from trauma and are on the road to recovery.

3. How Trauma Affects the Body and What You Can Do About It, Utilizing Herbs, Flower Essences and Awareness, part 2    all levels

4. Somatic Awakening Ritual and Meditation    all levels
Somatic Awakening is an incredible mind-body-soul modality which has the ability to deeply heal contractions in the body caused by any level of trauma through connecting to one's own experience of divine healing within the body. In doing so contractions are soothed, opened and healed at an incredible rate and speed. The essence of this ritual and meditation will be to introduce the basics of this modality, open to it's incredible healing ability through meditation and ritual and help each participant to claim their own inherent birthright of divine healing energy within themselves.

Rebecca Porrino, ND, Clinical Western Herbalist

1. Cervical Dysplasia and HPV    advanced

Jenn Rawling

1. 'Art as Offering- Creating for the spirits'
After a brief check in we’ll drop into light trance and explore our reverence and acknowledgment of the spirits through painting and drawing. These creations are made without attachment, to be offered freely- released and displayed throughout the camp as offerings, prayer flags, and at altars. All ages and levels welcome.
2. 'Painting, Silence, & Self’  * This class welcomes all levels but is best for participants that are old enough to maintain silence and structure

 Go a little deeper and retreat into your creative selves. Participants will sink into a meditative state and through light guidance we will explore our current states of body and emotion without judgement. We then express our insights through painting or drawing simple self portraits, abstract or real in silence. There will be a short debriefing to share with the group our creations and experience. 

Anya Tyutyunik, L.Ac., NCCAOM Diplomate

1. Intensive: Chai Yok; The Practice of Vaginal Steaming
Following the heart channel down to the earth via the Bao Mai channel (Bao Mai translates into uterine vessel).
Part One:
An introduction to philosophy and wise tradition practices regarding the caring of the root and the heart of our women's bodies achieved through nurturing the womb. We’ll be sharing information about vaginal steaming cultures around the world, give you some basic herbal recipes as well as guide you through the most beneficial ways to use Bajos or Chai Yok to experience the ancient healing.
Part Two:
We’ll be working in small groups to create the most appropriate herbal blend that fits your individual story. This supports getting the best results from Bajos, Chai Yok use.

The first eighteen women who arrive to the class will experience the process using our custom steaming bench (a short legged stool). Please bring a cloth sarong or towel in addition to wearing a long cotton or linen skirt.
It is not necessary to know about the individual herbal properties but is helpful if you have some knowledge.

2. Cacao Ceremony, Dedicated to Toothfaerie, part 1
There is a long history, including many myths and legends regarding the use of Cacao Medicine for healing. Cacao has been used for centuries in sacred ceremonies to call one back to nature, to unlock the pure energy of the loving heart and to bring one's soul into a euphoric state of being.

Cacao is associated with Universal Love and that is why we will perform a collective Cacao Ceremony. This allows us to come into alignment with a focused, compassionate, loving heart. Your personal healing vibrates to encourage healing in the world around you.

Toothfairy, our spirit friend, had offered us ceremonial, raw-grade cacao. from Guatemala. Its powerful effects are not disturbed by the caffeine content but rely more directly by theobromine, one of cacao’s main active compounds.
The cacao compounds stimulate the heart allowing for more blood flow to the brain, while blood vessels dilate and our skin becomes more oxygenated. Additionally the mind focuses, gaze clear, the heart softens, and a sense of kindness and innate wisdom become more available.
Ceremony – 1st Part:
Collectively we will prepare Cacao Medicine, introducing our personal favorite herbal spirits, songs, poems, dances, prayers etc.

3. Cacao Ceremony, part 2
Ceremony – 2nd Part:
We will experience the Spirit of Cacao, sharing an inclusive focus of the one heartedness with all things and witness our own sister-woman magic unfolding. Please set your intentions without any preconceived expectations. This sacred Ceremony is limited to 28 participants at this time. With additional interest, more participants may be invited to join the next Cacao Ceremony.

3. Russian Folk Remedies
A practical and interactive introduction to Russian and Eastern European cures associated with common ailments.

Linda Willcut-Tallman

1. Knots, Knots, Knots   all levels
It is always better to know how to tie a knot and not need it, than to need a knot and not know how to tie it. Ever wanted to know how to tie the Alpine Butterfly Loop? How about the Chain Sinnet Knot? Have you lusted after the Zepplin Bend? Been intrigued by the Timber Hitch? Or maybe you just want to be solid with the Square Knot because that Granny just won’t stay tied? You might just want the practical knowledge of how to put up a shelter with tarp, poles and rope? Tie your load? Secure your canoe to the car rack? Tie the dog to a tree? We will start simple. We will get in as many knots as we can. We will all work together. It will be fun. It will be useful.


1. Biodanza 1

2. Biodanza 2

Paula Engel Fugman, Crystal Rae, Monelle Riley, & Frostie Weber

1. Beginning Family-Style Massage    all ages and all levels
This class is hands-on, no table, fully-clothed, no oils or rubbing! Family-Style means all ages  - the main thing is the person just wanting and having the attention span to follow directions. Bring something to lay on…a bath towel, or blanket, or yoga mat & clean socks.


High Crone Jill

1. Cronehood Who? What? Me? (co-taught by High Crone Jill and Linda Glazier)
Are you confused about this journey into Cronehood? So are lots of us. Let's talk!
What does it mean to be a Crone? Is it the years we have lived, is it post-menopausal, is it emotions, is it physical health? When do I get there? Isn't it just a constant flow of life? Or is it? This class will be a time of sharing the Crone archetype. We will discuss the continuum and growth cycle into Cronehood (and beyond?), sharing our personal experiences as we look for our differences and our commonalities.

2. Loving Life After Menopause
Crones, come share lunch with other Wise Crones. We will discuss loving life after menopause, finding joy, appreciation, and health in our Crone years. We will also discuss our part in the Maiden’s Rites of Passage Ceremony and our own Crone’s Honoring Ritual.

3. The Spirit Side of Being a Crone, part 1
This is time to reflect and share our experiences of Cronehood and our love for our Wise Crone ways and bodies. Past menopause and into memorypause, we will tell our stories. A time to make a ritual Crone Broom will follow.

4. The Spirit Side of Being A Crone, part 2
Crones, come share another lunch with other Wise Crones. We will continue our plans for the Maiden's Rites of Passage and our own Crone's Honoring Ritual.

5. Honoring the Loss of an Unborn Child
Join us for a quiet honoring of the loss of an unborn child through miscarriage or abortion.

For Young Women

Terri Jensen

1. Dragon Time for newly menstruating young women
Welcome maidens, to the Circle of Women! Join us in celebrating the beauty and strength of this phase of your life, the time of your bloods. We will explore ideas and feelings, hear stories, make things to care for ourselves and prepare for the Maiden' s Rites of Passage Ceremony to be held Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. Any young woman who would like to go through the Maiden Ceremony must attend this class.

Sarai Shapiro

1. Weave Our Friendship Web    for young women
Have you been coming to the symposium for years and you have lots of friends here? Is this your first time and you’d love to get to know some other girls? This is a great place for deepening your friendships and making new ones with awesome girls! This is an invitation to let your sillies out through fun and improvisational theatre and nature based activities, to work in teams to accomplish a challenge, and to weave the web of our maiden’s community here at the symposium through sharing who you are. Come join us sister weaver!

2. Web Moon Rites and Changing Woman   for young women & their mothers & aunties & anyone who wants to join
Throughout time, woman has had a special connection with the moon because she mirrors the changes we experience throughout our life and within each menstrual cycle. This class for maidens and mothers will explore menstruation and how our body’s cycles are connected to moon’s cycles. We will explore the physical, hormonal, and psycho-spiritual changes that happen during each moon cycle. Women will have a chance to share their own experience with their moon time and mothers and daughters will have a chance to discuss how to hold moon time at home. Whether or not a girl has gotten her first moon, she will come away from this class with information to help her feel excited about her special time and make a moon bracelet, that, if she chooses, can be worn during her “moon time.”

3. Pine needle and black walnut baskets   for maidens and mothers 
Come make a small coiled pine needle basket. I will teach how to make an elegant and simple pine needle basket with a sliced black walnut in the center. Whether or not you’ve done any kind of coiled basketry before, you will catch on quick.   Part 1 and 2

Mid Kids

Lauren Ari

1. Mother Earth's Mud, 1   mid-kids, ages 6 & up
Come play in the cool wet mud! Make a fairy house, cup or bowl, a small animal, or a bird in a nest. You can make anything your heart desires and Lauren will help you along the way. We will have plenty of clay and tools to work with and many decorative things like feathers and beads. If there is time we could also go down to the river and dig for clay and create a group sculpture. Come to the shade of the tall trees where we will meet and create in each other's company. We look forward to making art with you.

2. Mother Earth's Mud, 2   mid-kids, ages 6 & up with grown-ups welcome
We will play with clay again.

Lacey Chandler

1. Create Your Own Jumprope    ages 7 and up

Jill Cunninghis

1. Magic Wands all levels
Magic wands are channels and focus points of your energy. They can be built from virtually anything. A wand develops into an energy instrument once it is created. It can be used in ritual to help manifest whatever the mind desires. It can also be used to encourage healing and to burst through energy blockers. Spend time designing and building your own magic wand using your bountiful creativity and beautiful materials.

Porter DuMar Dinehart

1. Yo-Yo For Mid-Kids   ages 8 years and up
This is a Hands On class. We will learn the history of the Yo-Yo, which dates back centuries, go over safety rules, have a 'get to know your yo-yo' time, and attempt to learn up to 10 tricks. Porter has been the undefeated Female Yoyo Champion of California since the 1970's and she will show us lots of tricks to learn. We will end by preparing for a 'Show Of The Yo' at the talent show. Limited to 10 mid-kids. Yoyos provided. 

Reem Khalil

1. Water Color Journaling     ages 5 and up

Jenn Rawling

1. Drawing Flowers!   mid-kids, grown-ups welcome
Everyone's welcome and we’ll spend the hour in the presence of flowers and herbs
drawing together. Let's celebrate our natural connection to beauty, nature, and

2. Let's Make Seed Balls!   mid-kids, grown-ups welcome
Lets get our hands messy as we make wildflower balls together. We’ll look at pretty plant pictures and envision the life and beauty we put into the seed balls with the hope of caring for and stewarding our wonderful earth.

Young Children

Melita Silberstein

1. Singing With The Children, 1    for mamas, aunties, and children 6 and under
Bring the little ones each day and enjoy a morning of music, puppets and movement in nature. Lots of engaging and interactive songs about trees, bugs, birds, animals and more! The class will vary slightly each morning, but will have many similar songs that the children will remember. Please come prepared to dance! This class is for children 6 & under to enjoy with an adult companion.

2. Singing With The Children, 2   for mamas, aunties, and children 6 and under
We will gather again for music, puppets and movement in nature. See Singing With The Children, 1 for full description. This class is for children 6 & under to enjoy with an adult companion.

3. Singing With The Children, 3   for mamas, aunties, and children 6 and under
We will gather again for music, puppets and movement in nature. See Singing With The Children, 1 for full description. This class is for children 6 & under to enjoy with an adult companion.

Early Morning Classes

Laura Walker

1. Morning Yoga

Other Classes

Stargazer Li

1. Stargazing With Li, 1
2. Stargazing With Li, 2


DeAnna Batdorff

  • Breast Health & Immunity   all levels

Heather O'Connell

  • Being in Shamanic Relationship

Anya Tyatyanuk, L.Ac.

  • Chai Yok, Vaginal Herbal Steaming