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Caring for Children In Camp

NCWHS is a safe and nurturing place for children.
Here are a few guidelines.
Thank you for taking the time to read this thoroughly.


❤  NCWHS is an adult conference with children welcome.
Please be responsible that your children are not disruptive to classes and other events.

❤  Please always know where your children are. It is tempting, we know, to let them run about in a safe environment. Please be sure you know where they are

❤  NEVER let children be at the creek without an adult

❤  Please bring snacks for your child, food lines can take awhile

❤  Please help your child understand how to properly flush camp toilets. You have to hold the handle down or up until the bowl is completely empty

❤ If you have a toddler toddling about without a diaper, please keep a close eye and clean up any dropping


Thank-you very much for your cooperation.
We are looking forward to a very fun and safe weekend with the children!


Using Childcare

Childcare is a very fun and nurturing Waldorf-inspired place for potty-trained children to play and explore while Mamas, Aunties and Care-takers attend classes. 

❤  Childcare is for potty trained children

❤  Childcare opens fifteen minutes before each class session begins.

❤  Sign your child in by making contact between you, your child, and one of the childcare coordinators. Do not just drop them off without this.

❤  Childcare closes fifteen minutes after each class session ends.

❤  When The Fairie is hanging over the door of the tipi, Childcare is closed.

❤  Be sure your child understands that s/he may not wander to other parts of camp while signed into childcare. If your child wants to leave, we will come get you.

❤  While your child is in childcare we need to know where you are at all times. If you change location please let us know.

❤  If your Community Work or Work Exchange goes beyond class times, arrange to have a friend pick up your child.

❤  Snacks will be provided during Childcare. If your child has special diet needs please provide appropriate snacks.

❤  Please send your child to Childcare with the following items:

  1. re-fillable water bottle,
  2. plate or bowl and cup for snacks
  3. change of clothes
  4. shoes or sandals


Please fill out this form if you wish to have your child in childcare.
If you have more than one child for childcare, please reload the page and fill out the form for each additional child.

Childcare Form