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Once again we will camp together at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, CA  for our 32nd year. We will spend four magical, healing days, learning, teaching, inspiring, resting and playing together under a waxing Scorpio and Sagitarius moon.
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Below are four attachments with helpful information about our time together. Please read them thoroughly.
  1. General Information
    This includes what to bring, how to get there, the general schedule and much more
  2. Marketplace Guidelines
    If you plan to sell at Marketplace please read this throughly
  3. Childcare and Bringing Children to NCWHS
    If you plan to bring children with you please read this throughly
  4. COVID Safety 
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Again Welcome!
See you there!

Many Green Blessings,
~ Terri, Gwen, Athena and the NCWHS team