Medea is a tender of transitions, working with childbearing women and end of life-emergency care as a RN and firefighter.

Having found a true ally and deep love in the plant world—she wanted to encourage other two-leggeds by started the S.P.R.OUT Seed Library (Seed & Plant Resource OUTreach), a community supported resource that provides seeds and plants to gardeners who in turn grow-out select plants for seed and return some to the library for others to borrow.

Their goal is to nurture gardeners as earth tenders with uniquely suited plants for various bioregions while supporting ecological literacy; edible, medicinal, herbal and flower genetic diversity; and community sovereignty.

2017 Session 2

  1. Well Woman Cervical Class/Fertility/Menstrual Awareness
  2.  Seed Swap Class

2013 Session 1

  1. Seed Saving for the Garden beginning/intermediate
  2. Low-Tech Cervical Screens: How to Keep Your Juicy Parts Juicy and Healthy!