Melissa  is Naturopathic doctor and Classical Homeopath who practices at Wellspring Natural Medicine in Sebastopol, California. She provides naturopathic care for all ages with a focused practice in family medicine, including women's health and pediatrics. Her approach to wellness is strongly rooted in naturopathic principles and therapies as well as the latest in evidence-based natural medicine.

Melissa received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a certificate for advanced study in classical homeopathy from National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. While completing her doctorate, she completed an advanced training program in botanical medicine through the School of Traditional Western Herbalism, with Matthew Wood.

Upon earning her doctorate, Melissa completed a clinical mentorship in naturopathic family practice with an emphasis in classical homeopathy and botanical medicine under Dr. Deborah Frances, ND, RN in Portland, OR. Following graduation, she went on to complete advanced homeopathic training with numerous expert homeopaths including Will Taylor MD, Farokh Master MD, Joe Kellerstein ND, George Dimitriadis, Linda Johnston MD, Frans Vermeulen and Gabrielle Traub. 

Before pursuing a career in naturopathic medicine, Melissa earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the UC Berkeley. Her love of nature, community and plant medicine eventually inspired her to become a Naturopathic Doctor. Outside of her work at Wellspring Natural Medicine, Melissa enjoys adventuring in the outdoors with her husband and fraternal twin daughters. She is passionate about gluten-free baking, gardening, hiking, camping, yoga and painting


2017 Session

  1. Adrenal-Thyroid dysfunction in the Modern World, 2 parts
  2. & 3. Acute Childhood Illnesses- How and When To Treat At Home And When To Send To The Doctor, 2 parts