Sasha developed the Heart Warriors Yoga to share the highlights of the body/heart wisdom she has been blessed to learn. Heart Warriors is centered on a yoga practice to teach body awareness, focus, meditation and compassionate communication. Her intent is to awaken in children a reverence for the universe “out there” as well as the universe within. She seeks to teach universal wisdom in a kid-friendly way.

Through the challenges in her life, she has become intimate with the feminine mysteries of life, death and rebirth. As a healer, artist, teacher, a seeker and a mother, she has learned to come home to her heart many times and continues to take refuge there.

Sasha has been working with children and youth, ages 4-18 for 15 years. She has passion for facilitating student-directed, engaged learning with a focus on social justice and ecology. She earned her BA from New College of California in Culture, Ecology and Sustainability and her California teaching credential from CSU Monterey Bay. She fell in love with Maria Montessori’s Cosmic Education and received extensive training in the Montessori Method. She has learned meditation in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition from stellar teachers and has maintained a regular practice for 20 years.

She has worked as a facilitator for an after-school girls’ circle, a trainer for a statewide violence prevention program, a preschool teacher and a K-2 Montessori classroom teacher in a progressive charter school in Mendocino County. She was part of a visionary team that helped to bring service-learning in local Sonoma County schools.

She currently teaches yoga and meditation to 3rd-5th graders in a public school in Sonoma County part-time. She was introduced to energy medicine as a child and has been offering healing since she was 7 years old. Through her healing practice in Sebastopol, Venus Rising Now, she offers deep care for body and soul during these transitional times. Her services include astrological counseling and health coaching with superfood nutrition to support those seeking personal transformation.

She is devoted to cultivating an open heart as she navigates the wild and wonderful path of being a single mama and entrepreneur raising a strong and creative girl. For fun she likes to run up mountains, dance, do yoga, star gaze, and be in nature with her 12-year old daughter. Discovering the power of mother love has been the biggest blessing of her life.

2017 Session 2

  1. Kids Yoga “Heart Warriors”

2016 Session 2

1. Yoga  Heart Warriors, part 1   ages 9 & up
2. Yoga  Heart Warriors, part 2   ages 9 & up