Seawytch is a commercial seaweed harvester, herbalist and teacher. She has been teaching about seaweed as food and medicine, bodywork, and spiritual healing practices in Northern California for over 20 years.

Seawytch is co founder of Middletown Massage and Acupuncture Collective WILD DevOcean Seaweed Collective and Spirit Song Community.

She is a member of the Ocean Protection Coalition, Seaweed Stewardship Alliance, and United Plant Savers. A dedicated wild woman, mother, feminist and comedian Seawytch enjoys teaching students to make these herbs and seaweeds easy to use and fun.

She has taught at Brietenbush Herbal Conference, Otherland School of Herbology, Portland Plant Medicine and in private seaweed safari field trips for 16 years on the Pacific northwest coast.

2017 Session 2 with Tanya Stiller

  1. INTENSIVE: Seaweed Conservation Ethical Wildcrafting And Essence Making
  2. Seaweed Conservation

2014 Session 2

  1. Herbal Allies For The Nu Clear Family, part 1
  2. Herbal Allies For The Nu Clear Family, part 2

2011 Session 1

  1. INTENSIVE:  Seaweed Safari
  2. Power of the Sea: Medicinal Uses for Seaweed
  3. Sea Spa