Stacey is first and foremost a child of the earth. She has been a tree hugging/nature lover for most of her life. For the last ten years she has focused her love for nature and especially the plant world through teaching women, children and families deep nature connective practices.

Stacey founded Keepers of the Earth, a nature connection/earth education organization in 2009. Through Keepers of the Earth Stacey has led Women's Plant Gathering classes, Herbal Apprenticeship modules for girls/teens and nature immersion classes for children.

Being the mother of two amazing earth beings, Stacey realizes the urgency of sharing the natural world with young children and instilling in them a deep sense of wonder, gratitude & responsibility. 

Stacey is also a nationally certified and California licensed acupuncturist and holds a Masters Diplomat in Oriental Medicine since 2002. She was in private practice in Southern California until 2 years ago when she and her family moved to the North Coast. Stacey is a now part of a healing cooperative in Arcata, CA.

Stacey was very fortunate to be mentored for several years by Cecilia Garcia, a Chumash medicine women. Stacey's interest and understanding of native plant medicine has helped to bridge her two passions; deepening both her practice as a healer and her connection and relationship with plants and the natural environment.

2017 Session 2

  1. Magical Mugwort