Tears of the Ancestors

Crone Marion


Oh, a little story for you from last year. 
I was tending the Veil and came in to freshen the water in the grief bowl. There was a woman in there fighting tears. I turned around to give her space, but she invited me in and asked me about the grief bowl.  I told her that the grief bowl symbolically holds the tears of the ancestors who have wept for those who have or will soon be passing through the veil to share help to carry and cool the grief.   She told me her story, getting deeper and deeper into her grief for her dying mother.  The heat rose. I brought the grief bowl over to her and set it before her. I told her to cup the water and cool her face. She did so...gingerly...a tiny cup of water in her hands to her face like she did not deserve it. I told her to take more. She did. She did again, taking more each time. Then with a wail she bent over and put her entire face into the water;  her hair floated out like wisps of clouds. When she finally lifted her head, waterfalls streaming down her face, she cried out, " I saw them!  I saw the ancestors weeping with me! I saw them"  "I can't believe it. I saw them." Her grief had subsided and joy crossed her face.  She hugged me and walked lightly out of the veil. 
The magic of symbols, ceremony and the soft cool space of The Veil allowed that vision.
I will never forget that moment. I do not even know her name......just that she is a sister.  
Crone Marion