Born in Oahu, Trish  (E-500RYT, M.A. Education) specializes in restructuring the body/ mind complex for alignment to the highest self. Through sacred dance movement like hula, yoga therapy, group meditations, and ‘food is medicine... eating is ritual,’ Trish empowers people to self- actualize their living potential! Her trademark is in how she relays deeper understanding of how the body, mind, and food are the foundations of self-development and human evolution. She is an established yoga therapist and workshop/retreat leader who leads annual yoga retreats in Maui. With a loyal clientele in Santa Rosa for the past 9 years, she has extended her teaching skills from being a high school teacher of Native American and World History to teaching the path of yoga. She enjoys creating  forums and sacred space for people to enter a more authentic state of being... a place where they can interface more regularly with the living intelligence of creation both within and without.   Her mission is to re-seed our collective conscious with the wisdom and practices of the ancients. Also, to re-seed it with the primordial earth teachings from places like Hawaii. She roots her work in what has been bestowed and imprinted in us long before time... ATMANNA: ancient science of living potential.  

2016 Session 1

  1. Hawaiian Dance Class: LeMu Hula (offered 2 times)
  2. Yoga Class: Rise and Shine Asanas