If you are registered for the whole weekend, here are the handouts for some of the classes.

If the link opens up a pdf, it can be downloaded from the window that opens.


Becoming an Educational Champion: Resources ~ Amelia Norris

Becoming An Educational Champion ~ Amelia Norris

Nourishing the Nervous System and Rewiring Chronic Stress ~ Dr. Bridget Somine, N.D.

Herbal Support for the Respiratory System ~ Christa Sinadinos

Optimizing Circulation ~ Christa Sinadinos

Lubricate-yourself-Demulcents_9-1-20 ~ Christa Sinadinos

Music is the Medicine ~ Copperwoman Songbook

Ayurvedic Breast Health and Immunity ~ DeAnna Batdorff

Facing Our Health ~ DeAnna Batdorff

Flower Essences - Holly Calica

Mantras, Song and Plant Medicine for Balance ~ Holly Calica

Panel ~ Walking In Our Shoes: Sisters of Color on Racism in Herbalism and Beyond - Holly Calica (word document will download automatically. Look in your downloads folder.)

Making Effective Herbal Formulas  ~ Terri Tall Tree

Alcohol-Free Herbal Preparations ~ Drea Moore & Jessica Clark

Visioning herbal medicine for all peoples ~ Drea Moore & Jessica Clark