Jamie is a storyteller, teacher, healer, maker.
She writes Backside of the Wind blog, Herbal Journeys column for Witches & Pagan Magazine, eight books, including The Wicca Cookbook and The Teen Spell Book. Exploring an ever-widening sense of appreciation for community, culture and nature, Jamie creates rituals, workshops, writes and makes pottery, jewelry and potions.

She lives in Cosat Mesa, CA.


2016 Session 3

  1. Womyn Meets Death  all levels, all ages
  2. Living a Magick-full Life  young women, ages 13-20

2014 Session 2

  1. Catharsis Through Writing
  2. Building Intuition Through Basic Spell Casting

2011 Session 3

  1. The Day My Wand Broke: A Witch’s Eco-Conscious Lesson
  2. Magickal Intention and Wisdom For Young Women/Teens