Kate is a watershed advocate, educator, healing artist and craftswoman. She has worked at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center since 2000 where she currently co-directs the WATER Institute (www.oaec.org/water). She is leading a Bring Back the Beaver Campaign towards the greater inclusion of beaver in watershed restoration and the recovery of endangered species.

Kate has been practicing the healing arts since 1994. She studied eastern and western herbal medicine at the American School of Herbal Studies, apprenticed with Holly Guzman, L.Ac., and received her massage therapy certification at the Cypress Health Institute. She has been practicing The Work of Byron Katie since 1998 and uses this highly effective self-inquiry process to facilitate clients in finding freedom from their stressful thoughts.

Kate loves learning about the ecology of place by tending, harvesting, and developing relations with the wild foods, medicines and materials each bioregion generously provides. She derives great pleasure from turning natural materials into functional art such as brain-tanned buckskin clothing. Every year she takes several weeks to “go feral,” to wander in the mountains, preferably where wild hot springs occur, relying as much as possible on things she has harvested or made herself.

2016 Session 3

  1. Love Your Beaver: How This Keystone Species Can Help Restore Our Watersheds  all levels
  2. Building With Earth: An Introduction to Cob Construction