Sarai is the founder of Gaia Girls Passages based in the bay area. Gaia Girls Passages currently supports girls from grades 3-8 and their families through the transition from childhood into adolescence and from adolescence into their teenage years through nature based connection, emotional intelligence, village building, and rite of passage.

Sarai graduated from the California School of Herbal Studies in 2011.
She now lives in Richmond, CA. 

2016 Session 3

  1. Moon Rites and Changing Woman   young women and their mothers & aunties & any women who want to join
  2. Weave Our Friendship Web 
  3. Pine Needle Earrings
  4. Make An Herbal Salve - Mid-Kids

2014 Session 3

  1. Moon Rites For Young Women And Their Mothers & Aunties 
  2. Inner Beauty Nature Essences