Sage Tracey Trucano


Sage creatively and intuitively combines Western, Native and Herbal healing practices to empower one to heal the whole ~ mind, body and spirit.  Weaving therapeutic knowledge from her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Western and Mayan Herbal consulting, with Indigenous practices including Mayan Traditional Healing Methods (Uterine massage, Pulse Diagnosis and Healings), she weaves indigenous wisdom from many native healers with ceremony and herbal treatments.  She teaches and runs various workshops, healing retreats and herbal events and is owner of Sage Dreams, herbal products for health and beauty including Mayan Medicinal tinctures, healing tea blends and more.

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2016 Session 3

  1. Journey to the Womb
  2. Healing Herbal Baths
  3. Herbs for Psycho-Spiritual-Emotional Distress

 2012 Session 2

  1. Mayan Spiritual and Uterine Massage
  2. Relations with Kombucha
  3. The Medicine Wheel~Four Elements of Healing
  4. Bio-fusion Beauty Revolution for Young Women

Session 3 Teachers 2016

Lauren Ari

Trinity Ava 

DeAnna Batdorff

K.Ruby Blume 

Añole Dahlstrom 

Lynda Emashowski

Kris Freewomyn

Tina Goat/Glaessner

Hari Darshan

Sena Kugbega

Jessi Langston

Moria Merriweather

Larrisa Montfort 

Jessica Prentice

Elizabeth Sailer, L.Ac.

Kathren Murrell Stevenson, Ph.D.

Bree Watson

Melissa Weaver

Jamie Martinez Wood 


High Crone Jill

Young Women

Terri Jensen

Sarai Shapiro

Jamie Martinez Wood 

Young Children

Chelsea Leone

Melita Silberstein

Mid Kids

Lauren Ari 

Reem Khalil

Añole Dahlstrom 

Early Morning Classes

Laura Walker 

Other Classes

Stargazer Li