Days 9-11

Hello All!

I have been enjoying a much needed rest in Fort Bragg for the last couple of days and have been in a whirlwind of activity to get ready for Symposium 1. I will be teaching three classes at these upcoming 2 sessions:

  • Meditation
  • Transformational Writing
  • Miso Making (Session 2, only)

I also plan to sell at marketplace – so I’ve got a lot of prep to do.

I had intended to walk out of Fort Bragg this morning, for the final stretch to Laytonville. However disorganization of my mind and last minute changes to the walking team allowed life to create a couple of extra rest days for me here. How miraculous is that?!

The Walking-Through-Fort-Bragg party (along the coastal trail) is now scheduled for leaving Glass Beach around 11am, Monday, August 29.

It looks like I will be walking through the coastal mountains on my own – if anyone wants to join me for this stretch, you would be most welcome. I initially had some concerns about solo navigation of the remote terrain with lack of cell service. I considered hitchhiking this bit, but realized that the tiny hub of human activity, Branscomb, is conveniently placed in the middle, which surprisingly boosted my confidence. It is odd, but undoubtedly significant for me, to recognize how I do rely on our human social network for my own sense of security. Still.

And I remind myself, “Action in fear is not well spent. Act only in love.”

I once had a dream about meeting mountain lion, who loved and welcomed me – in no way threatening – and I turned and ran in the other direction in fear, even as I was being so loved.