Autumn Rain

Autumn Rain photoAutumn is a sound healer, chandler, gardener, homesteader, and forest witch. Eight years ago she moved to Mendocino County to live off grid in the mountains of the Mendocino National Forest. What started as a work-trade quickly bloomed into a deep connection with the land. She realized that the more she honored and nourished the earth the more she aligned with the Divine Feminine. Her desire to honor her new home manifested through meditation and sound. She understood that everything around her consisted of energy and those energies are transmitted through vibration. She accesses this energy through the vibration of crystal singing bowls, gongs, and other mystical instruments. These meditations both balance her own vibration and transmit healing to the energies around her.  She is honored and filled with gratitude to bring this healing modality to the wonderful womyn of NCWHS.  

2023 Session 2

  1. Sound Bath Meditation, 1: Planting the Seeds of Abundance.   all levels
  2. Sound Bath Meditation 2: Nourishing the Third Eye  all levels