Autumn Rain


  Autumn Rain lplaying singing bowlsAutumn is a sound meditation guide, gardener, and mountain woman. She has been honored to spend the last decade in the mountains of the Mendocino National Forest. In This time she has fallen in love with the land. It is her mother, lover, teacher, sister, and friend. She gives thanks to the land through her music and in return is blesses with a life full of natural riches.


Autumn Rain photoIt is now her calling to share these healing vibrations of sound and help you realign to the rhythm of nature. She is passionate about her work guiding individuals and groups to the space where the higher self resides. She encourages all who are curious or interested to reach out. Her heart is open to all who seek truth and love. She can be contacted via email for sound sessions and consultations at: 

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2024 Session 3

  1. Ring of Fairies, Sound Bath Meditation, all levels
  2. Visiting the Void, Sound Bath Meditation, all levels

2023 Session 2 & 3

  1. Sound Bath Meditation, 1: Planting the Seeds of Abundance.   all levels
  2. Sound Bath Meditation 2: Nourishing the Third Eye  all levels