Deana Caressa Dennard, MA, CMT, CN

Deana Dennard portrait

Deana is a Wellness Educator and Ayurvedic Health Coach specializing in Ayurvedic Lymphatic Drainage/Therapies, Whole Food Nutrition and Self-Care. Deana currently sees her clients at her clinic, Lotus Healing Center, in Sebastopol, CA.

She has been studying natural healing modalities for over 20+ years and combines her knowledge of these therapies with Ayurveda to engage the capability of her clients for their own self-healing and wellness. Deana has a passion for teaching the principles of Ayurveda and how to maintain connection to the seasons and their elemental wisdom.

She incorporates into her Ayurvedic practice a variety of advanced clinical modalities and hands-on Lymphatic-Somatic-Structural therapy techniques to re-set issues of stress, digestion, physical pain, and emotional re-activity into health and wellbeing.

Deana is also the owner and founder of Sonoma Enlivened, along with her husband Thomas Boyd, a premier probiotic beverage and wellness company. Deana and Tom blend years of knowledge of Fermentation, Biomimicry, Water Sciences, Geobiology, Herbology and Formulation and offer their services in beverage and product formulation, classes on fermentation and consultations on EMF Remediation/Geobiology Land & Home Clearings.

Deana utilizes her training in Ayurveda and as a Nutrition Educator to lecture on Breast Health, Hydration, Ayurvedic Detox, Whole Food Nutrition/Cooking and Self-Care.

“My goals in each session are to provide a supportive, caring, and warm environment allowing for each
client to manifest wellness as they choose.” ~ Deana Dennard

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2024 Session 3

  1. Elemental Alchemy: The Ritual of Tea & Self Care, in 2 parts   all levels

2023 Session 3

  1. Embodied Elementals ~ The Ritual of Self-Care & Tea, part 1, taught with Luciane Grace   all levels
  2. Embodied Elementals ~ The Ritual of Self-Care & Tea, part 2  taught with Luciane Grace   all levels