Luciane Grace

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Luciane was born in a small town on the southeast side of Brasil. As a middle child she always aimed to bring balance to her family and the world. Growing up, playing outside with nature and its elements and animals is where she belonged. After graduating in Music therapy in 2004, she decided to travel to explore the USA. The land of California and its diversity has offered the perfect container for her self-discovery and connections strengthening her highest purpose in this life.

Today after 45 years of observing, experiencing, and learning from naturalism, “Naturalism is based on the belief that all basic truths can be determined through observing the natural world” she became more connected with her intuitive self and able to listen within and take control of her own health and well being. She is inspired to share her experiences and perhaps will transmit light to others through ceremonial ways.

Luciane will be serving living tea Pu-erh which comes from the high mountains of Yunnan, China. This is a special type of tea for its fine cell structure containing all five elements, metal, wood, and earth elements. Then you add the water which is heated by fire. Puer tea helps your body become more easily hydrated.

With deep gratitude and reverence to Master Ming Yi Wang, a Tea Master and Chinese Doctor, and to all the Masters who have inspired and guided her through her healing journey.

Luciane combines her knowledge in Music therapy, Naturalismo and Energy alignment offering private sessions and events.

Luciane Grace
Maestra De Tea
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 332-2939

2024 Session 3

  1. Elemental Alchemy: The Ritual of Tea & Self Care, in 2 parts   all levels

2023 Session 3

  1. Embodied Elementals ~ The Ritual of Self-Care & Tea, part 1, taught with Deana Caressa Dennard, MA, CMT, CN   all levels
  2. Embodied Elementals ~ The Ritual of Self-Care & Tea, part 2  taught with Deana Caressa Dennard, MA, CMT, CN   all levels