Dakota’s Walk to the Symposium

Hei Sista’s!

It’s Dakota with the Walk to Symposium update.

We have decided on the coastal route. So far I’m the only walker until Mendocino, where I will be joined by Aurora.

It seems that by Laytonville, we will become a teeming abundance of Symposium energy for the last 4, riotous miles. Oh, yes, we will have a good time! (In costume, underwear on the outside, shirts off [optional], banners, flags, bike horns, instruments —however you like!)


To all those who have already contacted me (or Terri), THANK YOU for all your offers and encouragement! We have had several hosts offer spaces on the inland route but just have one lined up on the coastal route so far (S. Fort Bragg).

Please let us know if you have a place and want to host between Sebastopol and Westport, along Hwy 1.

Current Itinerary

Here is the current itinerary in case you are waiting for the perfect moment to jump in. We (or I) will be averaging about 13 miles a day for 13 days.

At the end, we’ll be leaving the town limits of Laytonville on September 2 (first day of Symposium Session 1) as early as 8am or as late as 10am, depending on the heat forecast, for the 5 mile home-stretch extravaganza into Black Oak Ranch.

Some women will be dropping their gear in camp, then joining in for the last 5 miles into camp.  Come along!

Walk Schedule

The towns listed are the closest to the planned campsite for that night.

8/18 10am – Depart from Terri’s – All welcome for the send-off

Duncan’s Mills – 15 miles

Fort Ross – 17 miles

Stewart’s Point – 15 miles

Anchor Bay – 15 miles

8/26 – 8/27 – Fort Bragg (116 miles total)

8/29 – Leave Fort Bragg

Westport – 20 miles

Westport to Laytonville 27 miles

9/1 – Arrive in Laytonville

9/2 – Laytonville to BOR – 5 miles

165 miles

Athena has offered to relay a blog post of the journey, so you can follow along virtually if you like.


It would be great for this to bring in some funds for NCWHS, as well as awareness, so if anyone has ideas, skills, contacts or rich relatives, please give me a a jingle.

Wishlist Items

*Aurora would like to borrow an internal frame backpack if anyone has one to loan.

*If anyone has good, light hiking (strong/ comfortable) shoes, either Women’s 7 wide or 8, or Women’s 9.5-10 wide, that they don’t want, we have a home for them!