Day 2

Day 2 is dedicated to Chipmunk, who may or may not have survived my haste to arrive at the beginning of this walk. 

I woke up this morning in a redwood forest just outside of Monte Rio, and today reached the Pacific. Okay, I’ve only been walking for two days and on asphalt, at that, but it was a Lewis and Clark moment of sorts. I don’t think they had cleverly stashed drinking water every five miles—they never did stray far from clean, fresh water though. 

Just south of Jenner I ran into some otters.

Dakota and KarenAnd stopping in to charge my phone at the cafe, I ran into an old friend. She also offered me her Symposium hat. How’s that for perfection?!

Yesterday I did 12 miles and today it’s 12 and counting (13, ultimately), because I’m on this crazy long grade that seems to never end and has nowhere to camp. It did, however, offer up this little reception window. 
Big love to all of you—I feel so supported on this journey. Not alone at all. 
I have been doing a lot of personal processing and writing as well, about Cedar’s suicide and the state of our world that brings people to this decision. I was thinking of posting these thoughts on the blog as well, or maybe it will just be available at Symposium. I’m calling it, Between the Lines