Holly Calica

Grandmother. Mother.  She is a Clinical Herbalist and Arts Educator is co-founder of Luna Nueva Wellness Collective and Kalingfornia Laga. For 40 years, she’s been active as a practicing visual & performing artist, an educator and a published poet. Her work continues as she promotes healers of color, traditional arts and practices, budding herbalists in her Intern/Menorship program and organizing with others to bring healing locally and globally. She focuses on ancient healing practices as a means to bring balance, clarity and strength to individuals and communities in private practice, clinical work and educational forums. A student of life and a student of Indigenous Culture Bearers from the Philippines, Aotearoa, Turtle Island, the African Diaspora and Africa. She is also a graduate of Clinical Studies from California School of Herbal Studies and the dhyana Center, with Bachelor of Arts degress from both San Francisco State University and University of California, Irvine.

2021 Virtual Session 1

2020 Virtual Session 3

  1. Using Mantras, Song & Plant Medicine for Balance all levels
  2. Self-Care Wisdom taught with  Iyawo Lu
  3. Women of Color Talking Circle (closed circle) ~ hosted by Holly
  4. Walking in Our Shoes: Sisters of Color on Racism in Herbalism and Beyond ~ open to all - facilitated by Holly Calica

2018 Session 3

  1. Do You Walk in Our Shoes? (People of Color talk about Racism) STORIES FROM SISTERS
  2. Moving Towards A Bright Clear Horizon: Self Massage
  3. Dancing for Balance
  4. Sharing Case Studies & Developing Practitioners Notes