Jamie Della

Jamie follows a whimsical path of magick, the swirling of words and spinning of clay. She is an ordained Priestess, Hearth Witch, creativity mentor and author of nine published books, including The Book of Spells and The Wicca Cookbook, as well as the Herbal Journeys column in Witches & Pagan Magazine. Jamie is also author of the Backside of the Wind blog, plus several published essays and poems. Through creative meditation, Jamie invokes the Divine Feminine in her many aspects, creating functional works of art, words, and magick.
In response to what it means to be a Ritual Herbalist, Jamie says. "I am a Hearth Witch who has applied lavender on mosquito bites as well as forgiveness spells, I have taken motherwort tincture for strength during the divorce when my sons were my teens but also relied on lemon zest alone to give birth. I connect with the Spirit of the plant when I work with herbal allies in Magick or home remedies. I pair medicinal constituents with esoteric correspondences as I choose which herbs or plants to add to my spells. I sit with herbs and share in laughter and joy of the plant-kindom.”
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2021 Virtual Session 1

  1. Are You a Ritual Herbalist?   all levels

2019 Session 3

  1. Den Mother with Jamie Della and Elise Higley
  2. Hedge Witch: Spellcrafting with Herbs ~ All levels

2016 Session 3

  1. Womyn Meets Death  all levels, all ages
  2. Living a Magick-full Life  young women, ages 13-20

2014 Session 2

  1. Catharsis Through Writing
  2. Building Intuition Through Basic Spell Casting

2011 Session 3

  1. The Day My Wand Broke: A Witch’s Eco-Conscious Lesson
  2. Magickal Intention and Wisdom For Young Women/Teens