Bibiana Love

Bibiana LoveThis is Bibiana. She is an Herbalist. She loves to teach Botany!  She always learns so much every time she teaches. She is a lifelong subsistence farmer and lover of Nature. She lives in Lakeport California and grows antique Poe Organic Walnuts. She’ve had chickens her entire life. Her Crone name is Ice Bitch.


2024 Session 1

  1. Black Oak Ranch Plant List Class ~ advanced
  2. Making and Using Castor Oil Packs ~ beginning/all levels
  3. Our Herbal Ally Mullein ~ beginning/all levels

2020 Virtual Session 3

  1. Fun With Poke ~ all levels, including Mid-Kids

2020 Virtual Session 1

  1. ElderBlossom the Anti-Viral
  2. Women’s Circles Around Us
  3. Poke It On Up

2019 Session 2

  1. Herbal Flower Fairy Crowns
  2. Wildflower Greeting Cards
  3. Pineapple Weed Herb Walk
  4. Beginning Gardening

Bibiana also taught classes each year from 2010-2014